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RPM Remote Print Manager LPD Server Free advantage downloads

A comprehensive TCP/IP LPD Print Server for all Windows platforms. RPM expands printing capabilities by giving users more control, formatting options, and file management advantages over traditional network server printing. RPM allows users to customize and control processing of print jobs received on a TCP/IP network from hosts such as mainframes, AS/400s, UNIX and Linux, and other Windows platforms. Features include: SCS to ASCII translation and EBCDIC to ASCII translation, Remove PCL codes and convert LF to CRLF, ASA carriage control and code page support, the ability to insert and append bytes, Character translations and extensive form printing controls. Easy configuration for fitting text output to any size paper. Support all fonts the printer can use. A variety of host data formats enable end-users to print without host system modifications. Automatically create a print queue when a job is received, reducing network administration time by eliminating the need to search for misnamed queues. Extensive logging in RPM provides each message in an easy to read format. Each log message shows a unique RPM event number, the time, the source of the message, the application that generated the message, and the message text. Easily translate and convert text from different formats. Translate EBCDIC data, ASA carriage control codes, or convert SCS to ASCII for all queue types.

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Save Flash Free advantage downloads

Save Flash - is a unique application, allowing to store likable flash-animations. It digs out all flashes on the web-page. If the page contains flash animation - it won't remain unnoticed. Bright icon on the web-browser toolbar will give a wink to you ! The program's advantages can be enumerated endlessly, here are some of them: Save Flash shows the size of the flash-file, URL, name of a file, saves it to the chosen directory, allows to browse enlarged picture in a preview window. Having tried it you won't dispense with its servicies. Many catalogues have paid the 5-star reward to the program.

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POSTNET Barcode Fonts Free advantage downloads

Our POSTNET Font Advantage Package allows you to print POSTNET, PLANET, FIM, OCR-A and Interleaved 2 of 5 from MS Windows, Macintosh, UNIX and a variety of other operating systems TrueType, BDF, FON, PCL laserjet soft fonts, PostScript (type 1) Binary and ASCII versions are provided. You also receive font tools, macros and source code to help you integrate the fonts into your applications.

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Cliprex Free advantage downloads

Cliprex is a Windows video player for playing back .avi, .asf, .mpg, .dat (VCD), .vob .m1v .m2v videofiles or any other videofile you have the proper codec installed for. Cliprex is ultra light and has been created to prove that a good video player doesn't have to be big sized and does not have to take lots of resources. This video player can be used for all kinds of videos including DivX movies. You have the possibility to create huge playlists and take advantage of the nice options the playlist offers. No other video player has such and advanced playlist as Cliprex has! You also can add video's from all your drives to it, even from network resources. Images can also be captured from videos in .jpg and .bmp.

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History-B-Gone Free advantage downloads

History-B-Gone 5.0 is a powerful tool that eliminates the tracks you leave behind when you surf the Internet and use various applications. It scans your computer for history lists, cache, cookies, log files, and temporary files. One major advantage HBG5 has over it's competitors is it's ability to dynamically search your computer for tracks instead of just using a small predefined list. We have developed dynamic search algorithms specifically designed for finding the history lists of many applications, even if they are newer than HBG5. Version 5.0 also contains many new features to help increase your privacy. AutoRemove is a feature that allows you to automatically clear your tracks periodically while you use your computer. All the history lists, files, and folders in the AutoRemove list can be eliminated automatically without you needing to scan and manually remove them yourself. When you remove files or empty the Recycle Bin using HBG5, the data will be shredded first, making it impossible to undelete. If there are any folders, files, or registry entries that are not detected, you can manually add them to the list. You can also shred individual files that do not show up in the list.

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TN BRIDGE Integration Pack for ActiveX Free advantage downloads

Integration Pack is a set of components and productivity tools to extend and take advantage of already developed and tested host applications, providing connectivity to IBM S/390 and AS/400 systems through standard telnet protocols. It gives access to screen-oriented applications, allowing the easy reuse and extend of legacy applications, eliminating the risk of starting all over again. Your systems will continue working behind TN Bridge.

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HTMLtoRTF Converter Free advantage downloads

Convert HTML files into good-looking RTF - format. You can convert HTML files in RTF files with tables or can transform tables to the text. Also it is possible to convert HTML files in a simple text format. Advantages of HTMLtoRTF Converter: - High quality of converting (supports converting tables) - The smallest size of output RTF - file - High speed of converting (on the average up to 30 files per one second) - It is possible to convert much HTML files for once - Also it is possible to convert HTML files in a simple text format. - Free Upgrades - Free Email Support

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Digital Patrol Free advantage downloads

Digital Patrol is an effective antivirus scanner and monitor capable of finding and deleting all known types of trojan programs, Internet worms, script viruses and other harmful programs. Digital Patrol finds 100% of all tojan programs in The Wild, i.e. that trojan programs which are really spread over the Internet. Digital Patrol finds and deletes computer viruses in your computer disks and memory. The program has a unique system of "hot" update from the Internet allowing to easily and surely update not only antivirus bases, but also any other program components. Digital Patrol also makes a heuristic analysis of files, disks and system partitions to find new, previously unknown viruses and virus modifications. The program checks different archive types and self-extract executable files. These features makes Digital Patrol the best antivirus program in it's class. Another advantage of Digital Patrol is a system of everyday updates that lets you stay protected from most recent viruses. That means that you'll be protected from wide spread virus (like Nimda, BadtransII, Goner, Myparty, Klez) before epidemic burst. Digital Patrol is one of few antiviruses that work under Windows XP as well as under Windows 9x, ME, NT4 and 2000. In this version monitor and quarantine are added.

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Pop-Up Patrol Free advantage downloads

Robust Pop Up stopping technology coupled with a deep cleaning internet history eraser. Our Pop-Up stopping technology removes Pop-Up ads, Pop-Unders, Exit Ads, Blur Pop-Ups and Residual Pop-Ups. Your internet browsing will be more enjoyable and much faster as we stop these ads before they load! Also take advantage of the built in PC Cleaner. This integrated feature clears your cache to protect your privacy! It removes Cookies, history and more

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CutLogic Free advantage downloads

Software CutLogic is a 1D length nesting and cutting optimizer. It will save your material, work and time when you need to cut any linear material such as pipes, profiles, bars, cables etc. The program provides excellent stock cutting by minimizing total cost, minimizing waste, maximizing usage of offcuts, minimizing number of cutting layouts, plus optimizing 4 other values - all simultaneously. This powerful stock cutter automatically finds the optimal cutting layouts, using state-of-the-art optimization engine. CutLogic is a complete solution with its own databases, detailed reports and easy to use interface. Some of the main advantages include: * Fast, strong, steady, and reliable optimization * Best and very fast optimization for large cutting jobs * Limited only by 1 billion total length of cut-to parts * Intelligent refinement of optimization * Optimization priorities (waste, work, offcuts usage, ...) * Inventory of in-stock material grouped by material type and stock * Variable length format (metric, feet & inches, precision, units) * Cutting options (cut width, trim cut, gripping, rubbing, ..) * Detailed reports, editable report models (fields, fonts, functions, ..) * Import from any txt, csv, or dbf file * Export of reports to txt, rtf, or html file * Data backup * Network capabilities

Related Keywords c, log, logic, cut

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