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BulletProofWebHostingSender Free anonymous downloads

Don't make the mistake of sending mass email using your Internet connection or you will lose your account. However, you can use our software BulletProofWebHostingSender to send as many emails as you like. It will provides you with 100% safe and secure way to send out your mass marketing emails without losing your Internet connection. Use it with confidence, your email is 100% anonymous.

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Interceptor Free anonymous downloads

See Cookies being sent and received - control whether they get sent or not. See what the JavaScript on a web page is actually doing. Browse anonymously by withholding your Referer tag, and user agent. Even change your Referer and User-Agent tags to pose as someone else. Find out what sort of URL redirection the site may be using. A must for webmasters, or as a debugger for any one writing software that uses http.

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Internet photos snatcher Free anonymous downloads

PICTURES, PHOTOS AND MOVIES FINDER: - The program finds 1,000s of FREE galleries (with pictures, photos and movies), in any category of your choice from A to Z on the World Wild Web and presents them to you in practical thumbnails. All you have to do then is click on a thumbnail to see the full-size picture or view the movie. FREEWARE: - No limit in time whatsoever. The freeware version also allows the saving of pictures and movies. PROTECTION FROM PRYING EYES: - Once the pictures have been found and seen, you might want to save them and possibly have a look at them again in the future. You'll then have the option to hide photos, movies, files, URLs. All harvested information can be encrypted, hidden or disguised. If you wish to, a password will be used. POP-UPS KILLER: - Surf without annoying pop-ups. ANONYMOUS SURF: - Surf anonymously. Photos-Snatcher is aware of well-known Internet trackers that detect your surfing habits. Now you can elude such techniques. PARENTAL CONTROL: - All references to adult material can be suppressed from the program, or password protected. In fact, this feature allows you to turn Photos-Snatcher into a friendly family program that can be used by anyone.

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Anonym Mailer Free anonymous downloads

Anonym mailer is a tool for delivering your message to any recipiets quickly, and anonymously.This software is NOT a spammer's tool, so you can mail to only one recipient at a time. It's basic purpose - anonymity in internet!

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Fast BugTrack Free anonymous downloads

Change Management Software with attachments, email notification, charts, history trails, reports, anonymous functionality and customization. Free demo installs in 5 minutes. Ideal for bug tracking and defect tracking and customer requests.

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Anonymous Guest Professional Free anonymous downloads

Anonymous Guest - Anonymous surfing In the Internet through chain of proxy servers Anonymous guest allow you to work in a network, remaining unknown to world around. You can visit any sites, to dispatch millions letters of spam, download any information and to not worry about consequences. Thousands proxy servers worldwide waiting for you!

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Actual Proxy Checker Free anonymous downloads

Actual Proxy Checker - a special instrument, designed to manage a database of proxy ervers located all over the world. This program is essential for those who are concerned with their privacy and who want to surf the web anonymously. This is a convenient tool for checking the HTTP proxy lists and provides information that allows to choose required proxy of the huge list.

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StealthMailMaster Free anonymous downloads

StealthMail Master is a very fast, powerful yet simple to use all in one bulk email software. Utilizing multiple connections and multiple proxy servers your bulk email will be sent out fast and anonymously.

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Proxyma Free anonymous downloads

Proxyma (Proxy Manager) is a tool for Internet Explorer (and for other browsers made with IE core). Proxyma is a security tool for Internet Explorer. Using this program you can surf on the Internet anonymously. There is a built-in list of proxy servers but you may edit it easily or use your own list. With Proxyma you can change and update proxy settings for web browser quickly and easily. Proxyma sits in the Windows tray and you may turn proxy on/off by clicking this icon. All the popular web browsers make it very difficult to change browser's proxy settings. Proxyma was written to solve this problem. Try to change proxy settings in Internet Explorer (IE -> Tools -> Internet Options... -> Connections -> LAN settings..., etc.) then try to use Proxyma (right click on the proxyma icon in tray and select a proxy in list) and feel the difference!

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Proxy Server List Hunter Free anonymous downloads

Free anonymous proxy server list hunter. Tool that lets you scan for open proxies including HTTP and Socks proxies. Produces a list of working proxies that you can use. Find hundreds of proxies daily. It is designed to be secure, fast and reliable. This tool can be used for: - Finding anonymous proxies for bulk mailing - Testing transparent proxies for anonymous browsing - Socks proxies for bulk ICQ and AIM messaging - Checking speed of proxies.

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