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Free blackjack calculator Downloads

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Business&Games Calculator Free blackjack calculator downloads

B&G Calculator combines ease of use with a lot of powerful features for those who need them. It has a flexible interface that can be easily adjusted to your taste. You type the data either from keyboard or from calculator keyboard. It operates on various types of calculations, allows conversion of units of measure, has a history panel, a panel for statistical calculations and wonderful games to help you chill out after a hard working.

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Ultimate Date Calculator Free blackjack calculator downloads

Heavy-duty date calculator for business, government & professional use. Calculate interval between two or more dates with option to skip defined days. Add days months and years. Perpetual calendar. Chronologies even across time zones. Collate recurring dates e.g. pay and loan repayments. Calculate plans & schedules with reusable templates. Pro-rata accounts automatically. Display person's age and star sign. Julian date conversions. Saves to file.

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Mascotte Blackjack Free blackjack calculator downloads

An arcade style 3D BlackJack for PC which appeals to all audiences due to it's cartoon styled characters (though the game tables are photorealistic) and the absence of bets, which role is taken by arcade style rules. Details from the full and demo versions: - Four unique Blackjack tables [the demo shows two of them] - Four different backgrounds [the demo shows two of them] - 24 levels to play (Two sections with 12 levels each) - Two unique Card Decks drawn by a skillfull artist: a "standard" one, which is shown in the first 12 levels, and a "special" one featuring "GirlCards" (cartoon styled characters, appealing to all audiences) which needs to be unlocked after beating all the opponents, for a total of 24 "card characters". [the demo shows only the standard set] - Two different poker packs (one with standard pictures, and one featuring the girlcards instead of the standard pictures) - Arcade style (no bets, which among with the cartoon styled characters makes this game for everyone, not even over 14 years old) - A gallery showing high res versions of all 24 cards (each one requires to be unlocked). [the demo shows two of them] - A suitable, soft soundtrack - Card reflections (can be turned off for older videocards) The full version weights about 8mb of download, while the demo only takes 4mb of webspace.

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Blackjack Gold Free blackjack calculator downloads

Blackjack Gold let's you double down, split, buy insurance, take even money, surrender, allow Five Card Charlies, DAS, the Wishing Wheel, and set customized strategies for your computer players. Let Sassy Sal entertain you with her wicked wit as she wheedles your money into her tray. Sassy Sal's voice recorded by a genuine blackjack dealer. Play with up to 7 human or computer players, and up to 8 decks. Computer players utilize strategies to pit themselves against the dealer. Choose from 8 preset strategies or roll your own and set your computer players loose against the casino. See who wins the most money with their strategy. Blackjack Gold holds up to 33 strategies, allowing you to build detailed strategies for double down, split, surrender, standing on hard and soft hands, taking into account the most recently played cards, insurance bets, wishing wheel bets, win/loss limits, when to stop playing, how much to bet, progressive betting, and other factors.

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Traffic Calculator Free blackjack calculator downloads

Traffic Calculator is a software product for monitoring network traffic. Using Traffic Calculator, you will be able to create a full-featured system for monitoring the Internet traffic of the users on your home or office network. Traffic Calculator works in real time, i.e. the obtained statistics is displayed immediately either in graphic or numeric way. Traffic Calculator can also build reports on the traffic for the specified period of time

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Sports Bet Calculator Free blackjack calculator downloads

A program to quickly calculate amounts to bet on sporting events given the starting prices. One of the leading secrets of successful betting is to consider and evaluate all the odds. This application will provide the user optimal amounts to bet on a series of bets in a sports event. i.e. Cricket, Tennis, Races. It will calculate for a given amount of base units, a set return, a set profit or total outlay. You can evaluate betting on several runners in an event and plan to win a certain amount.

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BlackJack Free blackjack calculator downloads

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games. The object of the game is to draw cards totaling closer to 21 than the Dealer draws without going over 21.

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MatrixCalculator Free blackjack calculator downloads

Morello Matrix Calculator is a simple, pocket calculator style program which performs most standard matrix calculations. It supports matrices up to 20 elements square (shareware version is limited to 2 elements square). It also allows data to be exchanged with most common spreadsheets and other programs via the clipboard or text files

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Lotto Calculator Free blackjack calculator downloads

Find out if it's really worthwhile playng Lotto. Check the odds and more! Check previous games for winning numbers, find out the odds for any Lotto, Powerball or Keno, run the simulator. Includes just under 200 optimized wheel systems. This won't win the Lotto for you, but will allow you to see just why it's so hard to win.

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Personal Salary Calculator Free blackjack calculator downloads

Personal Salary Calculator (Pascal) is a simple program to calculate hourly salary. It also includes calculation for over time and tax deduction. It is easy to use and simple enough to understand.

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