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DVDCopy Free copy watermark downloads

A powerful tool to backup DVD movies to VCD/SVCD with just one click on your PC! Copy DVD movies to CD-R discs, convert DVD to VCD/SVCD, with DVDCopy it couldn't be easier! Copy DVD movies using your CD writer with just one click. Support DVD to VCD image, VCD image to CDRW. Support almost all popular CD writers. Only need up to 4GB hard disk space. Small size,only 1MB!

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SRE|copy Free copy watermark downloads

SRE|copy is a file transfer tool, for local and network transfer, with resume support. Never worry again when copying over a network! You have now the freedom to pause and resume your file transfers with just a click of a button. SRE|copy's automatically pauses on any errors that may occur.

Related Keywords copy, c, cop

AiS Watermark Pictures Protector Free copy watermark downloads

AiS Watermark Pictures Protector lets you protect from thieves your images published on the Web by adding to them visible watermarks. The watermarks can be solid or transparent, they can include you logo, company name, your site URL, date and time or any custom text. The program can handle over 40 popular image formats (including TIFF, BMP and JPG), it lets you process multiple images at once and automatically create thumbnails and Web galleries.

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Copy-CD Free copy watermark downloads

Do you ever had problems to make a backup copy of your CDs? Copy-CD is a program to make backup copies of your music and data CDs. The program uses the "DAO-RAW 96" write mode to produce 1:1 copies. The copies will apear exactly like the original CDs.

Related Keywords cd, copy, c, cop

Easy-Copy Free copy watermark downloads

Would you like to make your printer and scanner more useful? Then this program is the right one for you! This colour photocopier program makes copies of your documents. You can define the number and the size of the copies. You can also edit and retouch the documents. Virtual notepads and comments are possible.

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ReaWatermark - Image Watermark Tool Free copy watermark downloads

This tool applies your watermarks to multiple files to protect your copyright. ReaWatermark simplifies the process of creating and applying watermark to multiple image files in multiple folders. It supports a mixture of text, copyright symbols, graphic and drawing watermark of any complexity. The multi-level transparency setting allows you to choose and preview how your watermark will affect your image.

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Disk Copy Free copy watermark downloads

DiskCopy is a simple little 32 bit program for formatting and creating duplicate disks. DiskCopy will prompt you for the number of copies you have in mind, making for a very quick operation. DiskCopy does not perform an actual track by track copy, it simply copies the directory structure and files, but 99% of the time, that is exactly what is really required. The VB 4.0 32 bit Runtime Module, VB40032.DLL, is required to run this program.

Related Keywords disk, copy, c, cop, sk, disk copy

CopyM8 Free copy watermark downloads

CopyM8 copies multiple fields or cells from one database, spreadsheet or form and pastes them into another database, spreadsheet, form or word processor. You can select which fields or cells you copy from the source application and you can select which fields or cells in the destination application that you paste them into.

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Magic Addin for Excel - shared copyright Free copy watermark downloads

Addin for Excel giving new menu functionality and new formulae. Ability to view hidden sheets even when password protected. Matrix totals, manipulate $ formulae, and color alternate rows. The Magic Addin for Excel is a unique product in that registered users get to share the copyright. For making a reasonable up front payment you receive an open copy with full access to source code and you have full permission to resell anywhere in the world for whatever you want as many times as you want. All profits and revenue from the sales you generate of this high quality product belong to you. The registered copy has no reference to copyright in the addin or the help file. The registration cost is $50 worldwide. There are millions of users of Excel worldwide and they are all potential customers for Magic. At this low price including copyright it will not take long to recoup your investment and be into profit. You can register securely online by using the link: Please copy and paste this into your browser

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ComputerWatermark Free copy watermark downloads

With ComputerWatermak you get a real chance to recover your computer in case it gets stolen, or make sure you have a proof in any dispute over the ownership of your computer or disk(s). ComputerWatermark writes your name and address (or any other information) on the entire free surface of your disk drives. Anyone (the police, law enforcement personnel) can see this information using any simple disk editor, unerase program, or forensic tools.

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