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Crossdown Game Edition Free crossword downloads

Real crossword puzzles on your Windows computer. All the challenge and enjoyment of solving crosswords exactly like the ones found in newspapers or magazines. Print them out for traditional pencil-and-paper solving.These solve-only packages are strictly for crossword solvers. The demo version of Crossdown for Windows Game Edition comes with 5 sample crosswords.

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CrossNumbers Free crossword downloads

Cross Numbers 1.1. Do you like playing Scrabble or doing crossword puzzles, and you're a genius with numbers? Here's the game for you! 32,000 variations of a Crossword meets Scrabble game that tests your mind! Show off your skills while having fun as you find the right number combination that fits into the crossword puzzle grid.

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Crossdown Free crossword downloads

Solve and construct professional crosswords on your Windows computer! New features include SCROLLABLE clue list, dictionary 'hot-link' support, extensive on-line help and Java applet for deploying interactive crosswords to websites. Crossword puzzle numbering is done for you by the computer, eliminating time-wasting mistakes. Crossdown's Autoclue feature guides you effortlessly through the cluing process so that no clues are overlooked or

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Word Jubbler Free crossword downloads

Word Jubbler is a word game that will appeal to crossword enthusiasts and anybody who enjoys the challenge of word puzzles. The object is to make words from letters selected by the computer. As each level increases in difficulty you can get a bigger score but you have to beat the clock! Compete against other players worldwide and get your name in the top ten on our website. Three skill levels allow for beginners to geniuses.

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Elite Japan Crossword Free crossword downloads

If you like to exercise your brain by solving puzzles and riddles, you've just found a perfect program. Elite Japan Crossword features several thousand puzzles known as Japanese crosswords, nonograms, griddlers and point-by-numbers. This type of puzzles originated in Japan and then quickly spread all over Europe, especially the United Kingdom. And it does not matter whether you are a novice or a veteran - with EJC solving griddlers is fun.

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Vocabulary Worksheet Factory Free crossword downloads

Vocabulary Worksheet Factory makes it easy to create vocabulary activities for the advancement of basic language skills while at the same time making spelling and word lessons fun for students. Enter a word list once and then generate 18 different worksheet activities including word shapes, crosswords, word searches, decoding and matching activities, word jumbles, cloze and punctuation exercises, alphabetical order, and more. It's like getting 18 great programs in one. Using the friendly, intuitive interface, you have complete control over the layout of the worksheet with customizing features that let you change the number of questions, as well as the title, comments, instructions, date, picture, and font. You can even print in colors. Includes a customizable database of 3000 words with search and classification features and a 100,000 word spelling checker.

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Rime Thyme Free crossword downloads

Rime Thyme is fun word puzzle game where you deduce the answers to several clues, then use homonyms to translate the answers into a common phrase or saying. It's like a crossword puzzle combined with a cryptogram. Version 1.0 includes more than 2000 puzzles, arranged in 4 levels of difficulty. It also has optional sound effects, configurable font and color schemes, and a high score list. Download your copy today!

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TrueSquare 3D Crossword Puzzle Generator Free crossword downloads

With this program you can create your own 3D or 2D crossword puzzles and transfer them to other TrueSquare users or even solve them yourself. Integrated dual language dictionary. Optionally other dictionaries can be added in 49 language combinations. Translations from the dictionaries can be included, by topic.

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Word on Word Free crossword downloads

WOW, Master game with Championship! Set up a contest, challenge your friends to a specific game serie, WOW has 10.000 built-in series. WOW combines the action of Scrabble and Tetris! Play WOW and be the WORD CHAMPION! Simple to learn but hard to master is the secret to success, perfect for single or multiple players. The purpose of the game is to construct the longest possible words from letters selected at random. An ingenious fast moving word game operates in multiple dimensions. Tests your creativity and word knowledge. Word on Word 2.3 is an ingenious, fast crossword game.

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TooHot Crossword Compiler Free crossword downloads

The TooHot Crossword Compiler generates clue-in-squares crossword puzzles fully automatically using clue-databases. It's the only one software available which does these kinds of puzzles fully automatic. These crossword puzzles are very popular in many countries. It runs in Linux too because of Java. Crosswords can be saved as html files and these files can be put on a persnal homepage. The databases can be populated by importing text-files containg clue-answer pairs, wordlist or standard text-files. The databases can be used as dictionaries as well. Wildcards ? * can be used when letters and/or length are not know. Supports multiple languages as english, spanish, german and italian.

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