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BitShape PE Crypt Free detection downloads

BitShape PE Crypt is a powerful polymorphic Win32 applications protector. Features includes SoftIce autodetection, anti-debug API, anti-dumping and some other advanced technologies.

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OtsJuke DJ Free detection downloads

Experience the amazing new "SOUND" in audio software! Powerful automated mixing coupled with smooth dynamics processing. DJs will love the automated mixing, volume management, manual override, and cueing. Radio stations will appreciate the auto mix-point detection, integrated dynamics processor, and hourly clock scheduling. Music lovers will enjoy the smooth sound, music organization, and intelligent music selection. Download the FREE demo here.

Related Keywords dj, uk

ASTRA - Advanced Sysinfo Tool Free detection downloads

This program performs computer configuration analysis. Provides detailed information (including undocumented) on CPU, mother board, hard disks, CD-ROM, memory modules, chipset, BIOS, PCI/AGP and PnP devices, monitor, video card, printer, sound card, network card, etc. Creates a file report, able to run in command line mode. New: added support of DMI/SMBIOS standard, including detection of system name, mother board model, mother board slots and ports information, detection of new processors, update database, some bugs fixed.

Related Keywords dv, ra, info, tool, c, fo, advanced, n, inf, advance, sysinfo

ProcRecon Free detection downloads

A robust, efficient, extremely fast and full-fledged task manager replacement utility which enables processes to be terminated with extreme ease. It is fully scalable with features such as auto-detection of new process, etc. Highly informative with specific process information displayed.Also included are command-line support for process termination via the application's PID, Handle and Titlebar.Version 1.40 now fully supports process sorting, etc

Related Keywords c, n, pro

CafeWorkz Professional Free detection downloads

1)Complate Billing Solution Automatically Calculates total Bill for various services like Printing, Scanning etc. Facility to give discount. Deducts Surfed hours from members alloted time Facility for maintaining Collection, Due Log Administrator Can change rates very easily 2)Reporting Solution Daily Reports Dues Report Rush Hour Report Discount Report PC Report and much more... 3)Security Restricts user from Changing Control Panel Settings Changing System Properties Changing Internet Properties Browsing Network Neighbourhood. Deleting Files/Folders No Ctrl + Alt + Delete No Malicious Downloads from Internet 4)Child Protection System No Viewing Adult/Porn Sites. 5)Criminal Activities Detection System Lists all windows on each PC. Administrator can keep track of Criminal Activities taking place through internet. Remote Desktop Screenshot. Administrator can see desktop of suspecious person to verify criminal activity. 6)Unlimited PC's Support. 7)Unlimited Services Support. 8)Remote PC Restart/Shut Down.

Related Keywords cafe, professional, c, work, io, n, pro, z, of

DiamondCS Port Explore Free detection downloads

Port Explorer is an advanced, lightweight, state-of-the-art socket analysis and exploration utility. Although still a relatively new program, Port Explorer is quickly becoming accepted as the leading program of its class (port-to-process mapping), overcoming all of the problems associated with other port-to-process mappers. In addition to powerful port-to-process mapping, Port Explorer is also armed with advanced packet-sniffing and anti-trojan capabilities, as well as a mini-arsenal of supporting network tools including a fully automatic intelligent professional Whois search client. Port Explorer supports Windows 95, 98, 98 SE, ME, NT4, 2K, and XP, and also has a built-in dynamic language support system (supported languages include English, Dutch, French, Swedish, and Portuguese). Port Explorer gives you the ability to see all sockets that are open, and shows the state these are in, be it established and sending or receiving data, listening, or closing. Port Explorer also gives the great ability to control these sockets - by allowing the user to spy on any or all sockets owned by a process, and to block sending or receiving of any or all sockets. A user could block data sending by a suspicious socket - yet still see what data is coming in by spying on this socket. Port Explorer also includes new detection for trojans, by showing hidden sockets in red. This technology was developed for the upcoming DiamondCS TDS-4 Professional trojan scanner.

Related Keywords xp, c, x, n, lore, port, explore

BitDefender Professional Free detection downloads

BitDefender Professional is leveraging again the IT security standards with 6.5v. This version comes with new virus scan engines integrating cutting-edge technologies, increased scanning speed and detection accuracy, advanced intelligent update module and new options in the BitDefender Shield. A certified solution by ICSA Labs for Microsoft Windows® XP, Bitdefender Professional is helping you again to enjoy a comprehensive protection: along with antiviral protection you are benefiting of data confidentiality, active content control and Internet filtering. The new features added are offering you improved protection and greater efficiency. BitDefender Benefits: * Filters all possible virus access ways * Blocks any virus, Trojan, Internet worm and other malicious code * Alerts you about security weaknesses in your system * Blocks given web addresses (URLs), ports and IP's * Warns you about any application trying to access the Internet * Keeps your identity and preferences private when you navigate the Net * Protects you against viruses while using ICQ, Yahoo! Messenger, NetMeeting, MSN Messenger * One-year free virus definitions updates and product upgrades * Moves all suspected and infected files into a quarantine zone * Creates detailed scan reports * Easy to install and to use * Provides free 24/24 hours human technical support

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SVA Free detection downloads

The SVA (Software Vendor Assistant) is a powerful workdesk tool for shareware/freeware creators or vendors. It has many capabilities such as: products/versions/submissions/regorders database multi-language descriptions support semi-automated submission personalized E-mail messages generator for automated press releasing and customers notifying registration orders detection from your inbox PAD files import/export.

Related Keywords professional, bit, io, n, pro, of, er

WhmSoft Free detection downloads

WHMIC is a multimedia program running on WINDOWS whose purposes are: - The treatment of voice in order to enhancce its quality and to facilitate its detection. - The playing and the recording of voice annd music. - The generation of signals and noises in tthe audio domain

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RockOn! Free detection downloads

Asteroids meets Harmonica! Defend a space station from asteroids using sonic blasts controlled by playing a harmonica. The destruction of asteroids creates music. Features: * Dynamic detection of notes played on a standard 10 hole diatonic harmonica (Key of C) * Variety of songs controlling the game action * Play, Pause, Stop song/game control * Auto laser, Asteroids On/Off (practice mode) * Music Control (Harmonica track only, no harmonica, etc)

Related Keywords c, n

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