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Accelerate Free dial-up downloads

Slow Internet connection speeds can be frustrating, and the hardware upgrades necessary to speed your system up can get very expensive. Webroot Software offers solutions designed to help you get the most out of your current Internet connection without making costly investments in hardware upgrades. Accelerate is an easy-to-use software program that improves Internet connection speed for dial-up modems, cable modems, DSL, and LAN connections.

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VFWH monitor Free dial-up downloads

-- VFWH Monitor has the ability to calculate and graph all the network traffic between local machine and any other machines. -- Main features of VFWH Monitor: Calculate statistics for bound Interfaces. Calculate statistics for chosen Connections. Calculate using time for Interfaces and Connections. Graph real-time diagram for Interfaces traffic. ...and more, more, more. Just explore VFWH Monitor and you will get more! Very useful utility for modem users (dial-up, ADSL, etc.). VFWH Monitor may be used for LAN (network cards) and WAN ( modems, ADSL, etc.) networks. You can open real-time monitors windows for every working network interface on your computer and select color scheme for bar graph as you want. You can also monitor usage (utilization) your local networks or dial-up connections.

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MDaemon Free dial-up downloads

MDaemon is a full-feature POP3/SMTP server for Win 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP. It allows multiple users on your Local Area Network (LAN) to enjoy email access through a single connection (such as a single dial-up SLIP or PPP connection to a service provider). Program supports mailing lists, remote control, spam-blocker, content filtering, IMAP, and multiple domain support. MDaemon 6.7 added features include support for MDaemon GroupWare, Bandwidth Throttling, Attachment Linking, Easy/Advanced Mode, Improved Spam Blocker, Spam Blocker for MultiPop Users, HTTP Compression for WorldClient, Regular Expression Support for Content Filtering, performance upgrades, and many more!

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InBox Mail Manger Free dial-up downloads

It automates the process of handling subscribe and unsubscribe requests to mailing lists for bulk email marketers. It will also process all of your bounced messages. You can even configure the program to send email confirmations for subscribe/unsubscribe requests. The program run's as a background process on your computer checking your email accounts at configured intervals. It works great with Cable/DSL or Dial-Up Internet connections.

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Backer Free dial-up downloads

Synchronize, back up, archive and transfer your directories and files by disks like floppy disk, Iomega Zip, CD-R and CD-RW, network, another hard disk (internal or external), flash memory / USB sticks, cable, infrared (IR), Internet, Virtual Private Network (VPN), leased lines or dial-up/phone lines. Backer keeps all your computers and disks up to date. With Backer you can: synchronize your notebook before you travel and your desktop PC afterwards synchronize files within a work or project team transfer files between your office and your home on the road, synchronize your notebook with the company network over the Internet backup your day's and week's work maintain your Internet homepage via FTP keep current copies of system files on disk and many things more. Features: Zip compatible compression with optional encryption speaks FTP, the Internet's File Transfer Protocol easy setup via wizards fast access to stored configurations lots of automation features unattended operation with log of all actions can process unlimited quantities of data.

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iTimeXP Free dial-up downloads

iTimeXP takes care for your pc's internal hardware clock to be always up-to-date by means of automatic synchronization with atomic clocks represented through timeservers in the internet. iTimeXP comes with an internal scheduler, automatic dial-up-connection establishing, extensive log functionality and many more options. iTimeXP integrates fully into any 32bit windows operating system.

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Vedos Transfer Manager Free dial-up downloads

VTM, Vedos Transfer Manager is application for fast download and upload files from Internet.VTM will optimize its settigns to make the full use of your Internet connection, wherever it's a modem dial-up or fast ADSL/Cable/LAN connection. Multithread tasks and self settigs for each tasks. Custom selected of transfer speed is adjusts incoming and outgoing traffic in your internet connection. VTM interface is showing progress of downloads or uploads on the each tasks.

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Stealth Browser Pro Free dial-up downloads

Now you can privately surf to ANY type of website you want with Stealth Browser Pro, a FREE password protected privacy browser. Your privacy is protected because it has a login that hides as a dial-up connection so only you know it's there and your history file, cache, index.dat and permanent cookies are not written to. Nobody can go behind you on your computer and see where you've been and no web sites will show up in your history. Even the URLs you type are light shades of grey instead of black to help protect you from prying eyes. We even provide you with a list of favorites (bookmarks) to help you easily find the websites you are looking for. NEVER EXPIRES

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CSJami Minicom Free dial-up downloads

Easily take control of remote PCs with Minicom over LAN, dial-up or Internet connections. Plus file manager and finder, auto-update, internet connect, clipboard exchange, phone, remote dial-up and application control, time synch, audio router. Password protected and optimised for easy use. TCP-IP and IPX enabled, 4,8, 16 bit color selection and faster response.

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NewsBin Free dial-up downloads

NewsBin will automatically download binary attachments from USENET News Groups. NewsBin will use every ounce of your ISDN, T1, ADSL, or Cable Modem. It works great on plain old dial-up, too. NewsBin allows you to filter out spam or specific file types that you do not wish to see!

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