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RPN Engineering Calculator Free engineer downloads

Programmable RPN calculator, Over 250 solutions with 6 keypads: Standard, Engineering, Binary, Magnetics, Trig, and Convert. You can select Fixed, Scientific, or Engineering notation and Degrees, Radians, or Grads for your calculations. Has a running tape display 15 discrete calculators for the more complex functions, and 24 storage registers that you can rename. Has the easy to learn RECPL (RPN Engineering Calculator Programming Language).

SolarWinds Engineers Toolset Free engineer downloads

We're network engineers just like you, so we know what you face on the job. New network issues every day, never enough time to troubleshoot, and a highly complex network composed of thousands of devices. For over ten years our goal has been to make sure you have the right tools to easily and effectively manage and troubleshoot your network - in one complete and affordable package.

SolarWinds Engineers Toolset Free engineer downloads

With Engineer's Toolset's extensive network management capabilities, you will look like a super hero, without having to develop any special powers. Here's a sample of Engineer's Toolset's save-the-day features: Monitors and alerts on availability, bandwidth utilization and health of network devices. Provides robust network diagnostics for troubleshooting and quickly resolving complex issues. Offers an array of network discovery tools

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Engineering Calculator Toolbar Free engineer downloads

This toolbar takes you straight to free online calculators for structural, mechanical, chemical, electrical and electronic engineering. All you have to do is enter your input data and hit 'submit' the result appears immediately. The toolbar also provides links to engineering books on Amazon and to excellent, free professional magazines on engineering.

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Combat Engineer Free engineer downloads

Modification of the Mine Sweeper. You uncover mine field with a an unusual task to switch off the certain mines in the corners of the game field. High scores are recorded, and an honor roll keeps track of the family experts giving them nice funny icons.

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Engineers Edition Free engineer downloads

This toolset has over 40 Network Discovery, Monitoring and Management tools. It contains everything you need to: auto discover and map your Switch Ports, inventory your network, manage your Cisco Routers, monitor Bandwidth Traffic and % Utilization, Fault Management alerting and paging, you can even manage your IP Addresses. Everything from Security & password decryption to SNMP based network discovery, the Engineers Edition toolset has it all.

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VectorEngineer Quick-tools edition Free engineer downloads

VectorEngineer Quick-tools is a completely free technical drawing and multi-purpose cad system that offers all the features required to create accurate professional drawings, working drawings, designs, plans, layouts and diagrams in a quick and easy mouse driven windows environment. Download your copy now, its great for work, home, education and hobbies and best of all - its free!

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Point Cloud Free engineer downloads

Point Cloud is a reverse engineering software to process point clouds. Point Cloud can reconstruct a triangular mesh over a cloud of points or drape a surface over the points.A point cloud can be created by scanning the surface of an object (surface scan) or by scanning the entire solid (solid scan). Point Cloud understands this difference and processes points differently in each case.

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Point Cloud for AutoCAD Free engineer downloads

Point Cloud for AutoCAD is a plug-in for AutoCAD 2000, 2000i, 2002 and 2004. This plug-in gives AutoCAD to ability to process point clouds. You can import a point cloud into AutoCAD as it is or fit a surface that passes through the points to recreate the original object. This is ideal for reverse engineering and GIS applications. There are different ways of fitting a surface depending on the nature of the point cloud.

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Canvas Professional Edition Free engineer downloads

CANVAS 9 Professional Edition is the high-performance drawing environment for professionals in business, science, and engineering. CANVAS 9 is the only cross-platform, technical drawing program that seamlessly integrates professional-level image editing, page layout, web graphics and presentation features into a single creative application. CANVAS 9 continues an 18-year tradition of innovation with over 100 new features and enhancements.

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