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Fast PDF Builder Free fast downloads

Quickly and easily convert txt,html and rtf files to pdf format in seconds! Using Fast PDF Builder you can convert your programs in seconds. Drag and drop from explorer ease and easy to use interface. You can password protect the generated PDF files.

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Fast WinSpot Free fast downloads

This application loads an icon on the system tray and lets you configure its menu items from it, beeing them applications, documents or 'system actions', like rebooting windows, shutdown system, power off etc...

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RunFast Free fast downloads

RunFast is a program launcher/command tool that allows you to quickly launch programs, files, folders, websites and more. It supports aliases, which allows you to create custom commands and it also supports execution of multiple commands at one time. RunFast is a great tool for anyone who uses the Run command a lot or for anyone who just wants to open things faster.

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FastReport VCL Free fast downloads

With full source code, royalty-free! FastReport is an add-in component for giving your application the ability to generate reports quickly and efficiently. FastReport provides all the tools you need to develop reports, including a report engine, report designer, previewer, dialog designer, and Pascal-like macro language interpreter. FastReport is written in 100% Object Pascal and can be installed in Borland Delphi 2-6 and Borland C++Builder 3-6. FastReport provides many features not found in other reporting products. The FastReport engine lets you create tables, queries and databases at run-time. The built-in dialog designer lets you create customized forms that among other uses, can be used to set report parameters before printing. The built-in macro interpreter provides a Pascal-like macro language for performing complex data processing. The ability to easily customize reports with FastReport opens your applications to a world of possibilities. A small code base and large feature set makes FastReport a leader in functionality/size ratio comparisons.

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Fast Browser Pro Free fast downloads

Fast Browser is a powerful Web Browser, can open up to 180 homepages at the same time, features voice function, marvelously searching, translation and more.

Related Keywords fast, pro, browser, er

SuperFastDownload 1.0 Free fast downloads

SuperFastDownload has just released a p2p file sharing application designed specifically for webmasters to deliver files and video streaming. Superfastdownload software has been designed with the intention of offering webmasters all the benefits a p2p file sharing network has to offer. Those benefits include reduced bandwidth charges, surviving server crashes when flooded with massive download or stream requests, and the high speed advantage of delivering files in parallel. Using SFD software is very simple and straightforward for webmasters to implement and an SFD file is only about 1 KB in size.

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FastLink Browser Free fast downloads

Make your own custom internet browser. For yourself, your clients and your visitors. Add own menu, splash screen, logos and more. Package and distribute presentations, slide shows and interactive applications in HTML / Flash formats with FastLink Browser.

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Hide Windows Fast Free fast downloads

Utility for hiding a group of your programs fast, erasing your History, temporary directories, Recent Documents list etc. Many more functions included. For example: Muting sound on a hotkey, defining your own secret hotkeys for hiding windows, defining your custom items to delete form disk and regisry. Downloadable plugins to clean history from the newest applications and many more.

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FastMail Free fast downloads

FastMail provides extensive filtering and processing capabilities for incoming correspondence, creating incoming and outgoing message archives, and features the ability to personalize mail distribution for a large number of recipients.

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ZipItFast! Free fast downloads

ZipItFast 2.c is a FREE Commercial quality all in one archive utility featuring a windows One Click Zip feature for quick viewing, running, extracting, adding, and deleting files in archives in the fastest time possible. With ZipItFast 2.0c, you can create SELF EXTRACTING FILES and even password protect them. ZipItFast 2.0c does it all and supports virtually all compression formats including: Zip, Exe, Tar, Cab, gZip, Lha, Ace, Rar.

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