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Free file eraser Downloads

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TinySOF DataFileJoinCutter Free file eraser downloads

Cut large file(DVD/VCD/Movie/Video..) into smaller pieces and later reassemble them back to original

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Split it(Award Winning file splitter) Free file eraser downloads

1. It is a small file splitter with a small price(which is cheapest among all splitters) of 6 US dollar of size 52 kb with the ability to split the files of all types(mp3,dat,mpg,avi,zip, etc) & in various sizes(can also specify decimal size) . 2. It also has a self merger facility with which it can recreate splitted files without split it being installed on that computer. 3. Also it can merge files splitted by any other splitter(so you can receive splitted files from your friend without the need of that splitter to merge them as Split it can merge them. 4. It also has ability to create batch file. 5. You can also split the file while using that file (i.e while listening to an mp3 file you can split that file). 5 .It also has Disk Span & Join Facility with which Split it can join the files one by one by inserting floppy disk or cd which contain part of the splitted file(Merging is so fast that it can merge in 1 to 2 sec one part contained in a floppy disk.You can try yourself). 6. You can also specify how much memory to lend to splitter. More the memory faster is the splitting. 7. Supports drap n drop and can integrate into explorer context menu. 8. It also supports Disk spanning like winzip & many features try it yourself. 9. It automatically opens the file after successful merging of file. 10. And many more features...... Just try it out.

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DoneEx INI-File Manager Free file eraser downloads

This library let you manipulate with INI-file by the easiest way from any programming language. You can create new or load existed INI-file and manage sections and keys in it. You can produce action with sections and keys of INI-file as: - search, add, delete sections and keys - retrieve, change, encrypt or decrypt values of keys

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File Backup Watcher Home Edition Free file eraser downloads

Manual and semi-automated backup systems are as effective as using a screwdriver for driving nails into wood. File Backup Watcher allows all kinds of backup activities from manual to fully automated process. Your vital data can be backed up to local or network drives, CDs and DVDs. The convenient scheduler offers flexible time and condition-based backups, saving your time, money and nerve!

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East-Tec Eraser 2004 Free file eraser downloads

Protect your data and privacy and remove all evidence of your computer and online activity with East-Tec Eraser 2004. Eraser goes beyond U.S. Department of Defense standards for the permanent erasure of digital information and easily removes every trace of sensitive data from your computer: Internet history, Web pages, pictures, unwanted cookies, chatroom conversations and all traces of files, confidential documents or mails deleted in the past.

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TinySOF DataFileJoinCutter Free file eraser downloads

DataFileJoinCutter is a small but handy windows utility that will spliting and merging files. It enables you to break up any large file into smaller pieces, and later reassemble those smaller pieces back into the original one. It also can merge/combine different smaller files with different formats into one. The program produces fast and accurate segments of the original file(s) that can be moved/transfered easier than before.

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File Sharing Sentinel Free file eraser downloads

File Sharing Sentinel is one of the best free Parental Control software on the market. It is designed to block file sharing software such as Kazaa, Morpheus, Bearshare, etc. Protect your children from predators lurking in file sharing networks, also prevent them from being exposed to thousands of pornographic files. File sharing can be costly, the music industry is suing users of file sharing software for copyright infringement. The RIAA is becoming very aggressive in taking legal action against file swappers, which includes large fines. Computer viruses found on file sharing networks can damage or destroy your computer. Often they are disguised as mp3 files, computer games, etc. . File Sharing Sentinel prevents spyware from installing on your computer. Spyware can cause your computer to run slow. Some spyware monitors your surfing habits and reports back to advertisers who produce popup ads. Blocks the installation of File Sharing Software. Prevents the operation of P2P Software. Provides password protection. Stealth mode on demand. Very user friendly! Free for personal use! Free online updates! No trial time limits or banner-ads And many other features.

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Adios! Extreme Filesystem Cleaner Free file eraser downloads

Adios! Extreme File System Cleaner by Martin Beek - safely removes 150+ application- and Windows garbage files from your computer. Empties garbage bins, Norton virus quarantine, Norton protected bins, Internet browser cache(s), sensitive usage information, memory dumps, Windows update and servicepack garbage and much more. Fully configurable. Analysis, (de-)selection and deletion stages. Uses fast low-level filesearch routines. Free download.

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WWW File Share Pro Free file eraser downloads

WWW File Share Pro is a small HTTP server that can help you share files with your friends. They can download files from your computer or upload files from theirs. Simply specify a directory for downloads and a directory for uploads. Your friends can download/upload files via browser (IE/Netscape/Opera/etc.) They will not be required to install this software or any other software because an internet browser is enough.

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Batch File Utility Free file eraser downloads

Batch File Utility is a powerful file/folder renaming utility, that supports Wildcards and Regular-Expressions. It offers a Window Explorer style interface and a variety of renaming options, including options to change case,replace strings,set file attribute, change time stamp,rename file extensions,add a sequence of numbers to your filenames or extension,rename mp3 files based on their ID3 tag information.A easy to use renaming utility.

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