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Protect Files & Folders Pro Free folders downloads

Protect Files & Folders Pro is intended for controlling access to files and folders situated on local media of Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP at Windows kernel level. It enables you to deny access to certain files and folders, or to hide them securely from viewing and searching. An easy-to-use user interface gives you a lot of abilities to allocate access to your files and folders between your users according to predefined schedules. It means that e

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Protect Files & Folders Free folders downloads

Password protect your files and restrict other users from being able to start, see, change or delete them. File protection activates automatically according to the current user's idenity and the timetable that is defined for it. You can disable Internet access, games and the other entertainment during the working time. For example, from 9:00 AM till 17:00 PM the user "User" can use Microsoft Office only, but after 17:00 PM he can also play his ga

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WorkgroupFolders for Outlook Free folders downloads

Outlook network without MS Exchange Server (shared PST) To share contacts, calendars inboxes or tasks, is one of he most important functions of groupware solutions. Untill now it was not possible without a MS Exchange server to use Microsoft Outlook together in a network to share these information's and functionality directly in MS Outlook with every rights. The program "WorkgroupFolders for Outlook" supplies this alternative access. As base, the WorkgroupFolders use here a common Outlook data file (PST). This programs share not only contacts or dates, it shares the hole Outlook PST file. Whether it concerns now contacts, dates, functions or post office inbox, a central enterprise further accesses to an Outlook structure is possible with this program. All co-workers can use the same contacts. Each co-workers can see who has which date or who is busy with which task.

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Hide Folders XP Free folders downloads

Select up to 64 folders of your choice to hide and protect by a password. In one mouse click your selected folders became invisible: it is impossible to find hidden folders, access any file in them and remove them (even when removing upper-level folders). You may leave your computer unattended without worrying if someone will access your private data.

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ABF Favorite Folders Free folders downloads

ABF Favorite Folders is an extremely useful compliment to the Windows Explorer shell. It allows you to easily store, manage and access a list of frequently used folders. These Favorite Folders are available in the Start Menu, Favorites, "Send To" menu, and on the Desktop. You can designate keyboard shortcuts and icons for any item in the Favorite Folders. The user friendly interface makes this product a must have item for your PC/Server.

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QuickFolders Free folders downloads

This program adds a list of your favorite folders, a list of recently visited folders and opened or saved files into system menu of standard Open and Save File dialog. This program gives you an ability to modify Places bars of standard and Microsoft Office family Open and Save File dialogs. As a bonus, standard Open and Save File dialogs can be configured to be transparent, so you can look thru the dialog on the document, that you are working on.

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Direct Folders Free folders downloads

Direct Folders allows you access most recent and favorite folders directly from the standard File Open and File Save dialog boxes, as well as Explorer, WinZip and WinRAR. Direct Folders can also automatically resize file dialogs, switch to the details view and set keyboard focus to the file list. It allows you set default folder for each application in the system to open and save documents, either fixed or the last folder accessed and much more!

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Lock Files & Folders XP Free folders downloads

Lock Files & Folders XP can lock entire folders or individual files with ease. By locking it actually makes and entire folder/file inaccessible to any program, and also they cannot be deleted, renamed or anything of the kind.

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FolderSafe Free folders downloads

FolderSafe is a software tool that let you hide or restrict access to non-virtual files and folders of your choice. Easier to use, excellent UI and detailed online help.

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FastFolders Free folders downloads

This system extension increases your productivity dramatically by giving you quick and easy access to folder contents and files. Without opening each and every folder, you can browse the directory structure starting at any point by clicking the right mouse button on a file, folder or drive. The program modifies the context menu of folders and files, adding a menu item which displays the directory structure on demand.

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