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Access Administrator Free import access to mysql downloads

Protect your files and restrict other users from being able to start, see, change or delete them. File protection activates automatically according to the current user's idenity and the timetable that is defined for it. You can disable Internet access, games and the other entertainment during the working time. For example, from 9:00 AM till 17:00 PM the user "User" can use Microsoft Office only, but after 17:00 PM he can also play his games and..

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Access Password Free import access to mysql downloads

Access Password allows you to recover passwords which MS Access(tm) databases are protected with. It is real recoverer – it will show you a password, not just remove it. It doesn’t matter if database file encrypted or not – password will be discovered! Another great feature of this program is the ability to recover non-standard users when security database is lost or corrupted. I.e. if you have protected database and do not have security database – you can use user IDs to recover these users and give them access to database elements . It is very useful if you have some mysterious database and want to know what it is. Program is very fast. It takes less than second to recover password which is 20 characters. Access Password has very friendly interface and very good Help system with some examples which describe how to use it. Program works with Microsoft Access(tm) 95, 97, 2000, 2002, XP, 2003. This is very powerfull tool to sysadmins security officers and all who have problems with MS Access(tm) passwords.

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Access2MySQL Sync Free import access to mysql downloads

Access2MySQL Sync Convertor/Synchronizer is an application which allows easily convert and syncronize Microsoft Access (MDB) databases to MySQL and vice versa, unlike other similar tools, which commonly perform only one-way conversion. The program is extremely easy to use, it is implemented like a common wizard-like application, so even an unexperienced user will be able to work with it.

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MySQL Snap Free import access to mysql downloads

MySQL Snap is a rapid and robust software, intended for creating backup copies of MySQL database or a collection of databases as well as for recovering or transferring the data to another SQL server (not necessarily a MySQL server). The result of dumping is the file containing SQL statements and all the necessary information for recovering the exact copy of the database. The result of recovering is the database(s) recovered at MySQL server.

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Access Boss Free import access to mysql downloads

Trying to understand how the inside magic of Windows administering works may be a tough task even for an experienced administrator. Access Boss is the unique easy-to-use tool, which enables person in charge of access rights restriction in corporate environment make his job without having to be a computer genius! Simply choose which users’ access rights should be restricted and when and let the software do your job! Download FREE trial today!

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Backup Watcher for MySQL Free import access to mysql downloads

Program Backup Watcher for MySQL is intended for making DB backups of the MySQL server. Archiving can be done on the local computer as well as using the remote server in the Internet. The program has the built – in and easily customized scheduler, thanks to which it is now possible not only to carry out "manual" backup but also to customize the scheduler so that the program would automatically carry out the backup of the specified databases

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Remote Access 1.0 Free import access to mysql downloads

Remote Access 1.0 is avery powerful , stable , cheap and simple available remote administration/Monitoring Tool . It has several advanced features like Telnetting , File transfers , remote shutdown , full control , remote log in/off 128-bit encryption etc. It also supports NT Security . Works on Any kind of TCP/IP Connection like WAN/LAN , Dial up ( peer-to-peer connections ) as well as supports VPN. It is an essential tool for Administrators working on remote location as well as providing remote support Help . It is also a very cheap software compared to others available on the interent . Check out the software for yourselves

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Access Manager for Windows Free import access to mysql downloads

Access Manager for Windows allows you to restrict access to to key features of Windows, such as Control Panels or Start menu, network, Taskbar, desktop, system tray, Network Access Control Page, Control Internet usage and more. It can also disable the Ctrl+alt+delete keys, the function keys at startup, allows to password protect Windows and restrict users to running specific applications only, control Internet usage, view statistics of computer u

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Code Library for .NET(Access) Free import access to mysql downloads

The CodeLib is an application that helps you to easily find and use the code snippets. As a result, you can build a programs faster. Support Code Snippet, File, Note, Web save. 4 in 1 Utility.

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STL Import for AutoCAD Free import access to mysql downloads

STL Import for AutoCAD is a plug-in for AutoCAD. This plug-in gives AutoCAD the ability to import geometric data from ASCII as well as binary Stereolithography (STL) files.STL Import for AutoCAD is very easy to use as it adds a new command to AutoCAD called "STLIN". The user has to simply type "STLIN" at the AutoCAD command prompt and select a STL file to import.

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