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(For Ex.: Antivirus, Firewall, spreadsheet, etc.) Free note downloads

"This program can help you to organize your day. You can write down the things you have to do and the things you have done. The database is connected to a calender. Each time you start your 'Notebook' it shows you what you have to do on this particular day. The program is password protected and the data are stored encrypted on your hardrive so that nobody else can read your entries."

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NoteMagic Free note downloads

Ever wonder why such a wimpy text editor shipped with Windows? Why Notepad has no features? How do you spell check a text document? How do you open more than 1 text file at a time? How do you open large text files? Well, wonder no more and download NoteMagic, a text editor on steroids, with more features than some word processors.

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Pink Notes Plus(tm) Free note downloads

Pink Notes Plus(tm) is personal instant messaging software that allows users on a PC network running Windows 95/98/NT/ 2000/Me/XP to send messages back and forth, either immediately or delayed, locally or over the Internet. Imagine... no more lost business due to lost messages or unreadable paper messages... no more running around from desk to desk... no more message pads to buy... no more message headaches! Pink Notes Plus(tm) is also ideal for use as a reminder program, by sending yourself a delayed reminder message, just once, or on a repeat basis. Version 3.50 has over 20 NEW and ENHANCED features from the original 1.xx version. Some of the features are: instant popup, auto reply, away messages, Do Not Disturb, user status, message saving and printing, view/print message logs, group messages, confidential message, must acknowledge, URGENT message, sound file or PC speaker support, customize form layout, Internet and Email 1-click links, auto forward, send later with repeat dates, 1-click acknowledge or reply, 1-click subject, quick messages, work offline, attach and send a file, chat/conference, see status of users, global settings, add comments, hot keys, re-send a message later, skins, email from within Pink Notes Plus and much more. Try the fully functional FREE 90 day trial version today.

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ActiveTreeNotes Free note downloads

ActiveTreeNotes is a blazingly fast, very simple to use information organizer. Using a hierarchical metaphor (tree based), you can create and organize any kind of information, from websites, to ski resorts, to recipes, to writing snippets. The tree holds information in a hierarchy, with each folder being tied to a entry on the right. The entry has bold/italics/underline, plus other commonly used word processing capabilities. It also has a highlighter! This comes in really handy when taking notes from your college textbook for that big midterm! URL’s are automatically recognized as you type, meaning each entry can contain hyperlinks to your favorite websites, e-mail addresses, ftp servers, etc. Need to keep your information private? No problem! The program uses built-in encryption to keep prying eyes out. Need to export this information for use somewhere else? No problem! The program can export to a variety of formats including XML, HTML, ASCII, RTF, and Delimitted files. With features like Print Preview and Global Searching through the database, you’d be hard pressed to find a more powerful, more affordable all-in-one package for keeping your mountains of information organized! ActiveTreeNotes runs on all versions of Windows (except 3.1). You should have at least a Pentium computer with 32mb of RAM to run the program efficiently.

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CalcuNote Free note downloads

CalcuNote is an arithmetic calculator that records, documents, and communicates your calculations in a natural way, the same way you would write them down on a piece of paper. Enter/Revise data directly on editable tape. Save tapes to files. Print tapes to printer, Internet Document or Word 97 files. Show running total. Store/Recall/View/Delete numbers on Memory tape. Side tape for "side" calculations. "Link" numbers in separate calculations.

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Note Attack Free note downloads

Learn to read sheet music with this free educational video game. Use either your computer keyboard or MIDI keyboard / piano as input.

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NoteWorthy Virtual Notecards Free note downloads

Take your 3x5 notecards into the Information Age with NoteWorthy Virtual Notecards, the database for notes, quotes and bibliographic information. Store formatted text of notes and quotes and link with bibiographic sources. An essential tool for college students, professional researchers, or anyone whose work requires a database of notes or quotes.

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Alarm Notes Free note downloads

Alarm Notes! Reminders without the clutter! Easily hide all notes at once, or roll up to a single line. Set an alarm for each note for ontime alerts, or repeat them daily, by day of the week, or even by day of the month! Very easy to use! Everything is simple and intuitive with Alarm Notes, just click the tray icon and add a note! You control everything, the size and position, even the font size and color! TRY IT!

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AM-Notebook Free note downloads

AM-Notebook is a fine system tray utility that provides an easy way to keep notes, TODOs and other data. Another nice features are the integrated Address-Book and Alarm-Clock. Important notes can be encrypted. Important notes can be encrypted, when you open a note you must enter the password.

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dtNotes Free note downloads

The dtNotes is a small, fast utility for creation of desktop notes. It's provide you powerful tool for quick and easy creation of notes whats shown onto your desktop and remind you about important tasks. You can change the note's size, color and notification time.

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