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Free phone recording Downloads

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Analyzer Recording Free phone recording downloads

AVI recorder, capturing an image from any window, recording under condition of a modification of an image. Using whenever possible DDRAW hardware.

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Beyond Phone Free phone recording downloads

Beyond Phone is the best internet phone service. Now you can make substantial savings on every call you make. It allows you to call from your PC from anywhere to anywhere in the world at lowest rates ever. Our service is easy to begin with and very user friendly, all you need is to sign up for our service by paying $ 10 and start dialing the world. For more details please visit our site.

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RecOnPhone Free phone recording downloads

Full-featured phone recording software. - Records through a modem or through a RecOnBox. - Caller Id decoding - DTMF decoding - Automatic emailing of each new phone recording. - Stealth mode with a RecOnBox, RecOnPhone is totally silent and stealthy. - Password protection - Audio compression - Audio editing : cut or join the recordings - Export via drag&drop - Enhanced playback functions

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ThePhoneBOT Free phone recording downloads

ThePhoneBOT turns your Windows PC and voice modem into a powerful, multi-line telephone answering machine. With advanced features like: Message retrieval via the internet using your own brodband IP. Email, cell phone or I.M. notifications when new calls arrive. Audible Caller-ID. Complete phonebook with custom rings, greetings, and caller images. Skinable UI. Reverse lookups with mapquest like maps. Screensavers. Trillian Plugin!! Free Version!

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MobiManager for Nokia Phones Free phone recording downloads

Never loose valuable data again! Edit and backup your phonebook, view hidden security features, create your own eye-googling logos and crowd-stopping ringtones. If you use a Nokia mobile phone, MobiManager can help you to edit your phone book backup and restore the contents of your cellphone personalise your cellphone with designer logos and custom ringtones send logos and ringtones to friends SMS your friends and customers.

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Firefly Softphone Free phone recording downloads

Firefly offers users free voice mail, pc to pc calling and instant messaging. Totally free from advertising, spam and the parental worries associated with most other internet communication tools. We do not ask for your e-mail

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PC PhoneHome Free phone recording downloads

PC PhoneHome™ is the pre-eminent computer tracking and theft recovery software in the world. Unlike other tracking agents, PC PhoneHome™ allows the user to do their own monitoring at a significant reduction in cost. With PC PhoneHome™ there is no yearly monitoring fees, no additional charges, and no hidden costs! How does PC PhoneHome™ work? Every time you boot your computer and have an Internet connection, PC PhoneHome™ sends a stealth e-mail message containing its exact location to a pre-determined e-mail address set by the user. In the event the computer is stolen, the customer must make a report with the local police and then notify the PC PhoneHome Command and Tracking Center, which will provide full tracking and recovery support. When the stolen computer goes online it will send a stealth message to the pre-determined e-mail address containing its exact location. Once this information is received, recovery agents at PC PhoneHome will work with our customer and the investigating law enforcement agency to recover the stolen property. Worldwide tracking and recovery. Highly tamper-proof. Can’t be removed by unauthorized parties. Compatible with Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2K/XP

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PhoneTray Free Free phone recording downloads

PhoneTray is an easy to use FREE Caller ID software. It shows and speaks the callers name and number before you answer the phone. You can set a different ringtone for each caller or type of callers - select from 20 included ringtones or use any wav file. PhoneTray logs all your incoming calls - date, time, name and number. PhoneTray can automatically zap telemarketers with a special number disconnected tone. The program can play Federal do-not-call warning forcing telemarketers to remove you from their calling lists - by law! PhoneTray can block calls from specific numbers or reject any other type of unwanted calls (blocked number, out of area etc.) by answering and playing selected message. Several messages are included or you can use wav file of your choice. PhoneTray requires a modem with CallerID support and CallerID service from your phone company.

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CardPhone Free phone recording downloads

Once you update the details of a contact, everybody else gets updated • Shared or private contacts • Shared or private cards • Define your own fields - what is really important to you • Classify your contacts within your cards • Outlook and Lotus Notes Integration • Open a contact's Email and URL in one click • Office Integration - Export to Word, Excel, PDF and RTF formats • Imports easily from various applications • Crystal Reports Integration - Generate your report... • Backup and Restore abilities in one click • Setting up appointments in the calendar • Print out the calendar • Reminders to the appointments • Recurrences appointments • Shared and private appointments (the same as contacts) • Import and Export the calendar to and from various softwares. • MapQuest and Yahoo Maps! Integration • Build in integration with any kind of a printer and more...

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Alpha|Email|Addr|Phone Free phone recording downloads

A need to keep emails in a safe enviroment away from OutLook Exspress so no worms or virus could take advantage of. Unzip this self exe. In any folder you choose, To setup "double click" to place a Folder into Start|Menu. It makes a A-Z Folders and note pad that you can past all your information on friends and family file. ect. ect. No need to minimize desktop to get to your imformation, just copy & past. Easy to save to disk. Uses no resources. )DrFox

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