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iSnooker Free simulation downloads

iSnooker is a fun online Snooker game. Featuring smooth 3D graphics and physics with simple controls and addictive game-play. Play Snooker, Billiards, and other new game-types in 2D or 3D mode. This new online Snooker simulation plays and feels just like the real thing. Make breaks like the professionals in minutes. Play online Snooker, Chat, and participate in Tournaments with others all over the world.

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The program thanks to which you will always know how much and what for you are spending money. Clarity and simplicity of using the program make it an easy tool for daily financial operations keeping as well as for getting the current information about the financial situation. To buy the software for 14.95 input now the promotion code: PAD on the web page Even today you can get the control over your personal finances! For such a low price you get a program which enables you: - management of several accounts of different types (cash, banking, credit cards, credits etc.) - multilevel expenses categories definition - control over scheduled expenses (built-in reminder) - reports generation for categories groups, accounts, contractors - getting the information about expenses in given categories - getting the information about percent part of a given expenses group in the total amount - getting the information about the current accounts balance – making the simulation of expenses savings – getting charts of accounts balances, of expenses etc. – transactions entry with templates - program access protection with a password - as well as several other functions involving your finances...

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WAPT Free simulation downloads

WAPT is a load and stress testing tool for web sites and intranet applications with web interface. Accurate load simulation, run-time test data generation, recording and playback of secure HTTPS requests, clear graphs and reports and many other features make WAPT the solution for many businesses facing today the challenge of establishing their web presence – a goal hardly possible to achieve without efficient web site development tools.

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Stars 3 Screensaver Free simulation downloads

Stars 3 Screensaver 2.0 is attractive and helpful screen protection software. Perhaps more important, it is beautiful and entertaining. You will be able to configure it many ways to provide you many hours of enjoyment. As with other screen savers, when your computer is idle for some time Stars 3 Screensaver v. 2.0 will show an animation. This will be a simulation of flight through space, filled with stars and gas clouds.

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SimBacteria Free simulation downloads

Simbacteria is a unique game of strategy and simulation in which you play the role of a microorganism bacteria. You will start your life in a small pond as a microorganism, then grow quickly to form a colony. But you are not alone, you must compete with other bacteria for nutrients, fight with them and dominate in the pond. You will also encounter with mutagenic substances which will increase your chance to survive.

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Making Waves Free simulation downloads

Making Waves is an interactive physics package that helps students visualize and understand the motion and interference of transverse and longitudinal waves. While creating and exploring their own wave simulations, students encounter the core concepts in wave theory.

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ViewletBuilder Free simulation downloads

ViewletBuilder is the leading authoring tool used to create audiovisual Flash movies, called Viewlets, that show how software and systems work. Viewlets are powerful, easily implemented, animated presentations that enhance the effectiveness of online marketing, employee training and customer support. They help accelerate IT systems adoption, reduce support call volume and visually communicate marketing concepts. ViewletBuilder, the Viewlet authoring tool, allows anyone to create such presentations in minutes. ViewletBuilder's patented content creation mechanism allows users to take a series of completely editable screen captures that are then animated to produce a flawless Flash simulation. ViewletBuilder's unprecedented ease of use, fast creation and unrivaled quality of output have made it the darling of trainers, support specialists, marketing professionals and software developers around the world. Corporations (including fifty percent of Fortune 100 companies), schools, universities and governmental organizations and corporations in over 60 countries rely on Viewlets for their online presentations and simulations. The latest version, ViewletBuilder4, comes with hundreds of enhancements, making the program even more versatile, the output even more compelling and the creation process smoother and faster than ever. And now it’s available in three Editions: Professional $499, Standard $299 and Lite $99.

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Atoms, Symbols and Equations Free simulation downloads

Unique interactive multimedia Chemistry teaching software that tests students as they learn. Topics covered include: elements, atoms and molecules, word equations, chemical symbols, Periodic Table and chemical formulas. Plus interactive simulations to teach the balancing of chemical equations and the formulas of ionic compounds. Written for use in schools, but an excellent personal tutor for anyone beginning to study Chemistry.

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FindGraph Free simulation downloads

Graph plotting, data-analysis, and digitizing tool suitable for scientists, engineers, and students. This tool simplifies the tasks of data plotting and curve fitting. Data sets can be entered into a spreadsheet window, imported from programs like Excel or extracted from text files. The functions can be defined by typing them as text. Any function may then be fitted to the data and the fit displayed graphically. With graphics editor you can easily add and move points. It is possible to draw families of lines with a given step of parameter. You can smooth, subtract, differentiate, integrate, and transform data and curves. Approximation features are: regression analysis, non-linear fitting, logistic functions, neural network. With FindGraph, even a statistical novice can find the best equation in just a few minutes. If your goal is simply to create a smooth curve for interpolation or simulation, FindGraph is the tool you need. You can use your own algorithm as Plug-In. Export information to ASCII and XML files. COM-server. The plot can be embedded into your program. Examples (VB, VC) are included.

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iZotope Vinyl for Winamp Free simulation downloads

iZotope Vinyl for Winamp is a free DSP plug-in that uses advanced filtering, modeling and resampling to create authentic "vinyl" simulation, as if the audio was a record being played on a record player.

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