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Spam Sorter Free spam downloads

Whether you simply want to get rid of spam with as little effort as possible, or want the power to fight back against spammers, Spam Sorter is the tool of choice. We hope that this program will drastically reduce the level of unwanted e-mail you receive and give you a greater degree of control over your inbox.

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SpamButcher Free spam downloads

SpamButcher is an advanced client-side anti-spam filter. It will solve your spam problem. Every few minutes it checks for new messages in your inbox. If it finds any spam, it's moved to a holding area for your later examination. SpamButcher utilizes a fuzzy logic expert system to determine which messages are spam, and which aren't. This technology stops more unwanted e-mail with fewer false positives than competing anti-spam utilities. It exhaustively examines the text of each message, where it originated from and other information within the e-mail. SpamButcher's mail filter even takes into account common tricks used by spammers to stop spam mail that other spam filter programs miss. SpamButcher can optionally send you scheduled reports of intercepted spam via e-mail. With Outlook and Outlook Express, inadvertently filtered messages can be restored directly from the reports.

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Spam Sorter Free spam downloads

Whether you simply want to get rid of spam with as little effort as possible, or want the power to fight back against spammers, Spam Sorter is the tool of choice. We hope that this program will drastically reduce the level of unwanted e-mail you receive and give you a greater degree of control over your inbox. Spam Sorter is very effective - the standard filters were designed after careful analysis of thousands of spam messages.

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De-Spammer Free spam downloads

De-Spammer is the sensible way to quickly gather and remove spam. De-Spammer retrieves and displays only messages from UNKNOWN senders. It shows each message sender and subject in a multiple select listbox, and one click of a button will remove all the messages it found. Select messages in the listbox to save them, and as you do, De-Spammer saves the sender's address to its known address file, messages from known senders won't be shown again

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@Spam for Outlook Free spam downloads

Take Control over Spam Mails in MS Outlook with @Spam's Next Generation Spam Filter Technology & User Defined Filters. @Spamís Robust Multi-Filter System verifies and quarantines the Spam & Junk mail, providing the Outlook users a Spam Free In-Box. @Spam Filters: 1)Header based Filters 2)Built-In & User Defined Content based Filter 3)Logical Filters 4)Black Listed Emails,Domains & IP Address Filters 5)*Commented Words Filter (V-I-A-G-R-A) 6) Country Filter 7) Non-English Mail Filter. @Spam Anti-Filters: 1)Logical Anti-Filters 2)*Content based Anti-Filters using Business Keywords 3)Friends Emails,Domains & IP Address Anti-Filters. @Spam Punishing & Ancillary Tools: 1) Report Spammers 2) Bounce Spam Messages 3)*Mail Hits & Parse Functions 4)Import/Export Filters 5)Spam definition updates 6)Graphical Statistics 7)*Provides reason to Filter a mail. @Spam is as easy as 1...2...3 and its a definite valuable tool for all kinds of Corporate,Small Office,Home & Personal User.

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Spam Crusher Free spam downloads

Spam Crusher is designed to filter unwanted email, while allowing the email you want to receive. Spam Crusher can be configured to filter multiple email accounts. Spam Crusher is really easy to set up. In just a few minutes you can be up and running. It lets you add the email addresses of those people who are your "friends." The people you want to receive email from. At the same time, it filters out junk email using powerful filters.

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SpamGunner Free spam downloads

SpamGunner is a powerful Anti-Spam Product for Consumers and Small Businesses. It can check and filter multiple accounts synchronously, kill email viruses quickly. It provide a rich kinds of filters to stop spams. Moreover, it support using wildcards in filters and multi-byte charcacters preview. It is a heavy weapon against those nasty spams! Also it can be used as a powerful email checker. It will make a great ease of processing your emails.

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Flystrike Spam Interrogator Free spam downloads

Flystrike Spam Interrogator allows the user to test e-mail messages before downloading them from the POP server. A Score based on an Inventory of tests helps the user identify unsolicited messages for remote deletion. Messages containing abusive or illegal content can be relayed to the appropriate authorities with a set of automatically extracted headers. The user can trace the origin of messages and ban them according to URL hyperlinks.

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SpamAI Multi-User Spam Blocker Free spam downloads

SpamAI will detect and mark 95% of spam immediately after a simple 3 minute install with no training required. SpamAI Live technology keeps the filtering rules and code up to date with no effort by user. SpamAI allows unlimited mailboxes and users (latter requires appropriate multi-user license). SpamAI runs under Windows and is compatible with all POP3 email clients: Outlook, Outlook express, Mac/Linux clients, and many others.

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SpamSiteSmasher Free spam downloads

Spam Site Smasher is an e-mail filter that avoids the use of keywords. Instead it detects spam messages based on the web sites they contain. These addresses can't be hidden or misspelt because the spammers needs you to click on them. This makes the program very simple to use as you need only tick the web sites you don't won't messages from. Messages from friends and family will always get through as they won't contain links to banned sites.

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