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TextAloud MP3 Free speech recognition downloads

Converts any text into spoken words. Reads Text, Email, Web Pages, and documents using your choice of voices. Unique Text to MP3 conversion can save your daily reading to MP3 files to download to your portable player. Listen to email, online news, or important documents while you exercise, work or commute. Supports additional free speech engines for a total of 27 voices and 7 languages, plus optional AT&T Natural Voices.

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MagicAnsMachine Free speech recognition downloads

MagicAnsMachine is a computer based voice answering machine. It not just record messages and shows you CallerID. It cans delivery previously recorder memo protected by PIN. If you'd rather not record greetings, you can use the program's text-to-speech capabilities to do the answering for you.

Related Keywords mac, c, machine, n, magic

Metris Free speech recognition downloads

Metris is a Musical Tetris game. It does not interfere with or depend upon any particular speech engines. It just assumes a screen reader is present. Beating this game leaves you better off, intuitively able to quickly recognize scales, modes and chords. No jargon, just music. Anyone can do it... but how well? Do you have what it takes to become a Metris Master?

Related Keywords me

Best Friends Free speech recognition downloads

Best Friends is an ultra-cute 3D platform game where you help the 2 friends, Petey and Patty, reunite with each other. Each board is totally unique, almost like its own little game. Try not to fall as the boards twist, turn, and slide. The Japanese inspired cartoon graphics and whimsical speech sounds contribute to the fun. At only 4 megs, it's a quick download, even on a modem.

Related Keywords best, ie, n

TraderGuard CPR Free speech recognition downloads

TraderGuard CPR (Candlestick Pattern Recognition) is a fully automated software designed to scan real time data (live) for the presence of almost 70 of the most significant Japanese candlestick patterns. If a pattern is detected based on scan results, TG CPR generates, crucial to investor, trading signals ultimately predicting future market behavior.

Related Keywords ra, ar, c, er

NCTDialogicVoice ActiveX DLL Free speech recognition downloads

NCTDialogicVoice ActiveX DLLs is a rapid application development for Dialogic voice boards. With help of NCTDialogicVoice ActiveX DLLs, you can create a variety of CTI applications including Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Voice Mail, Order Entry System and others. Microsoft SAPI 5.1 technology for text to speech conversion and multi-channel programming are supported. MS VB 6.0, VB .Net and C# .NET samples help you to evaluate the product.

Related Keywords voice, dial, active, c, activex, cti, x, dll, n, log, logic

IMSpeak! Free speech recognition downloads

IM Speak! is a tool that adds speech and personality to incoming messages from your favorite Instant Message program (AOL IM or MSN IM). By using the program, you can assign 'voices' to each one of your buddies allowing them to speak to you in any voice you choose along with many other features.Compatible with MSN, AOL IM assign voices to your buddies, adjust speed or pitch of voice. Speaks text from Clipboard (or any copy command).

Related Keywords ms, speak, im, ims

AI AGENT Free speech recognition downloads

AI Agent application builds artificial software agents that are trained by the user to gather, store, and easily retrieve information. As these agents interact with the user and manage more user data, they learn how to manage information more effectively. KazTrix agents can collect information from emails, web sites, and any text files and add it to their brain power. In addition, you can import information into your KazTrix agents, or teach them to answer individual questions. With its text-to-speech capabilities, the KazTrix agents can research your questions and read the answers aloud to you. You can clone your agents and email them to other people. These mailable agents are stored in a single file that requires no additional software to run.

Related Keywords agent, n, ai, nt

Belkin PCSpy Free speech recognition downloads

What does your children when they are alone with computer? With whom chats your spouse? What's going on to your computer while you are away? Now it's easy to know all about it! This application records every keystroke and stays undetectable. Additionally it monitors time, path and titles of the applications. It's secure, surveillance and easy-to-use. Purposes Monitor your computer while you are away Monitor your children or spouse activity A security service can monitor employee's PC activity System administrator can monitor correctness of user's PC activity and restore activity history Government, law enforcement and investigative agencies can gather critical intelligence data and evidence of criminal PC activity Retrieve lost information Find out what you actually wrote Monitor which and when programs were opened Features Invisible background work Add/Remove Program invisibility Task Manager -> Applications invisibility Invisible logfile Encryption of the logfile Key sequences (e.g. Ctrl+A) recognition Logs every keystroke Logs passwords Logs written e-mails Logs chat conversations Logs the URLs of the visited homepages Logs applications titles, path and time Logs time of logon "Run on log-on" Summons on entered password

Related Keywords pc, c, n, spy, pc spy

Surfie Free speech recognition downloads

Use Microsoft Internet Explorer like interface to surf the web. Free web browser with power of speech. Based on MS Agent technolgy, this web browser reads web page for you as the page is loaded into the browser. As the web page is loaded, it builds the voice commands of the web links on the loaded web page dynamically for speech input so that you can navigate from one page to other using your own voice. No mouse, no keyboard required.

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