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Spreadsheet Composer Free spreadsheet downloads

Spreadsheet Composer is an Excel add-in, which provides facilities to automatically construct, verify, catalogue, manage and implement complex worksheet formulae. The core capability of the add-in is the 'compose' function, which allows a user to define a spreadsheet calculation as a series of linked steps and then automatically 'compose' the calculation into a single complex formula.

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DCF Analyst Free spreadsheet downloads

DCF Analyst is an Excel Add-In that provides you with a comprehensive toolbox of investment and finance functions and wizards. Create a mortgage calculator or a savings calculator, facilitate expert DCF analysis and apportion IRRs into income and exit ratios. Undertake risk analysis with dynamic scenarios and sensitivity analysis. The audit functions allow you to quickly identify errors in spreadsheets. Analyze data groups using the conversion functions and sum wizards, useful for accounting and lease analysis. The Standard Version is FREE and provides you with valuation and finance functions. It also allows you to view functions created by the Pro version. The Pro Version provides you with full functionality and is licensed annually. DCF Analyst is supported by a spreadsheet library, help facilities and demos on our Web site. Download free spreadsheets ranging from simple mortgage or savings calculators through to advanced real estate valuations.

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TechSheet Free spreadsheet downloads

TechSheet is an innovative spreadsheet for use in technical applications. This spreadsheet allows for calculations that incorporate units of measure with its associated value within each individual cell. Numerical manipulations are accomplished in a fashion that ensures consistent units of measure and automated unit conversions. The spreadsheet format makes it easy to learn and its use of measurement units make it a powerful technical tool.

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mp3-TagIt Free spreadsheet downloads

Features: - scan selected directories or entire disks to locate your mp3-files - ID3v1 and ID3v2 tags - switch all tags to ID3v1 or ID3v2 - switches from ID3V1 to ID3v2 when needed - spreadsheet-like interface to view/edit tags - color-coded indication of tag-type - auto-rename your mp3-files based on the information found in their tag - lookup album information in freedb and auto-fill all the tags

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DuplicatesRemover Free spreadsheet downloads

The DuplicatesRemover reads the data from one or multiple Excel files and examines whether there are any duplicate entries in the files. If this is the case, the duplicates will be deleted in the underlying files and written in a new Excel spreadsheet.

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Path Lister Free spreadsheet downloads

Path Lister lets you view a customizable listing of the contents for any folder on your computer. You can easily save the folder listing as TXT or PDF file. The listing can be imported into most popular spreadsheets and database applications. Path You can apply filters to limit the files that are included in the output list. There are settings for the generated PDF files( passwords, permissions, page orientation, fonts and colors)

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Broadcast By Phone Free spreadsheet downloads

Free software for automatic voice broadcast by phone. Ideal for calling large groups. Use it for political campaign promotion, emergency notifications, bill collections, and much more. Spreadsheet like interface makes it easy to create or copy-paste call list. Simply record your message in an audio file and let the program make all the phone calls. The actual phone calls are made by Voicent Gateway. A free shareware version is available.

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#Calculation Control Free spreadsheet downloads

#Calculation is an ActiveX control designed for VB6/ It is a powerful calculation engine for your applications. This ActiveX control integrates expression parsing and evaluating. It is suitable for heavy-duty number crunching. It also allows defining variables and sets of related formulas that implement spreadsheet-like recalculations. Even it can support note-line and custom-functions in your expression.

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CopyM8 Free spreadsheet downloads

CopyM8 copies multiple fields or cells from one database, spreadsheet or form and pastes them into another database, spreadsheet, form or word processor. You can select which fields or cells you copy from the source application and you can select which fields or cells in the destination application that you paste them into.

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FindGraph Free spreadsheet downloads

Graph plotting, data-analysis, and digitizing tool suitable for scientists, engineers, and students. This tool simplifies the tasks of data plotting and curve fitting. Data sets can be entered into a spreadsheet window, imported from programs like Excel or extracted from text files. The functions can be defined by typing them as text. Any function may then be fitted to the data and the fit displayed graphically. With graphics editor you can easily add and move points. It is possible to draw families of lines with a given step of parameter. You can smooth, subtract, differentiate, integrate, and transform data and curves. Approximation features are: regression analysis, non-linear fitting, logistic functions, neural network. With FindGraph, even a statistical novice can find the best equation in just a few minutes. If your goal is simply to create a smooth curve for interpolation or simulation, FindGraph is the tool you need. You can use your own algorithm as Plug-In. Export information to ASCII and XML files. COM-server. The plot can be embedded into your program. Examples (VB, VC) are included.

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