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TBS Virtual Keyboard Free virtual piano downloads

TBS Virtual Kiosk Keyboard is a virtual keyboard program for kiosks with a touch screen interface. It enables you to enter data, like web addresses to all the active windows. There ise no window restriction to enter data you can select all kinds of windows. This means that you can use this virtual keyboard to programming kiosks there is no need for physical keyboards!

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Virtual Desktop Free virtual piano downloads

A Virtual Desktop System for Windows. The Virtual Desktop Manager implements multiple independent virtual desktops. comes with a sophisticated wallpaper changer that allows each of the multiple desktops to have independent wallpaper.Both the Wallpaper Changer and the Virtual Desktop Manager expose a simple COM Automation API.

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Virtual Drive Creator - Pro™ Free virtual piano downloads

The DOS SUBST (substitute) command associates a path (Drive letter and Folder list) with an unused drive letter of your choice, it is a very powerful command, Virtual Drive Creator performs this command from within Windows. Select a letter in the “Available Virtual Drive Letters” list. You can type the full path or you can browse to the path via the Drive and Folder Lists. Click [Add Virtual Drive] to create the virtual drive or Click [Make Permanent] to make the virtual drive permanent. To remove a virtual drive, select the letter of the virtual drive you want to remove in the “Virtual Drive Letters in Use” list., and Click the [Remove Virtual Drive] button. (Note: virtual drives are discarded when you reboot your computer unless they have been made permanent.)

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Arkanoid -The Virtual Isles Free virtual piano downloads

In ArkanoidTVI instead of simply breaking a tired level after level of blocks, you actually progress "up" levels as you hunt the blocks. Each block broken results in credits dropping. As you collect the credits, you are able to buy new block-hunting devices, which can be accessed through the numeric keypad. Your final goal is to defeat Evil Mind and free the virtual reality!

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AlarIT Virtual Serial Driver (AVSD) Free virtual piano downloads

AlarIT Virtual Serial Driver is appointed for emulation of one, two or more (up to 200) serial streams. Hardware devices are not necessary. This product is based on Windows XP DDK and doesn't require using devices of other manufacturers. The whole product is created with the help of Microsoft tooling.

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Virtual Serial Ports Driver XPedition Free virtual piano downloads

Virtual Serial Ports Driver (VSPD) is a Windows device driver. Using it you can create any number of virtual serial COM ports in your system which will be virtually connected to each other via virtual null-modem cable

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Virtual FlashCards Free virtual piano downloads

Virtual FlashCards 2 includes the creation of multimedia flashcards, smart study options to maximize study time, an integrated online FlashCard swapping system, multiple print options, and more. FlashCards can be text, pictures (with answer regions), and sounds. Advanced study options show you the flashcards you don't know...more often. Keep extensive statistics of your studying progress and easily share FlashCards online.

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Virtual Woman Millennium Beta Test Free virtual piano downloads

Your girlfriend just got some competition. In this Windows Virtual Reality Game build and compete against Virtual Women with full artificial intelligence, choose ethnic type, personality, location, clothing etc. Throw away solitaire forever! Features 3-D graphics, Sound and Digital DNA support. Must try to believe. As this is a beta test, some features are restricted or currently unavailable. They will be added shortly. (C) CyberPunk Software

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NoteWorthy Virtual Notecards Free virtual piano downloads

Take your 3x5 notecards into the Information Age with NoteWorthy Virtual Notecards, the database for notes, quotes and bibliographic information. Store formatted text of notes and quotes and link with bibiographic sources. An essential tool for college students, professional researchers, or anyone whose work requires a database of notes or quotes.

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VIRTUAL JUGGLER 3D Free virtual piano downloads

Virtual Juggler 3D is an addictive, action packed, arcade style video game complete with bonus power ups, animations, music, sounds, themes, and lot's of humor. This game was designed by jugglers for anyone between 3 to 300. Juggle knives, clubs, balls, chickens, and more. The full version comes complete with 106 levels and video intermissions of Jason Garfield (gold medal winner and guinness world record holder for juggling).

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