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Visual Log Free visual basic downloads

Visual Log is an advanced windows 2000/2003/XP event logger and viewer. It real-time log the running programs, associated inputs, files and screenshots. It also can log a group of network computers and centralize the log data into one machine (server). Much more, Instead of generating the huge and hard-to-read text-based log files, Visual Log creates the sorted tree-structures to make it more efficient and convenient.

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XPB! Basic Free visual basic downloads

XPB! Basic is a brand new BASIC compiler for the 32-bit Windows platform that contains a rich set of features for developing both GUI and console applications!

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SheerPower 4GL -- Beyond BASIC Free visual basic downloads

SheerPower 4GL Basic includes an Integrated Development Environment (IDE), easy-to-learn extended basic syntax, built-in high-speed Database engine, built-in e-mail and Internet functionality. Write 'sexy' applications in a snap. Patent-pending 34-digit 'perfect precision' math included. ODBC support too. And, now support for multiple namespaces and private routines.

Related Keywords basic, c, n, power, er, eer

Visual Illustrations Free visual basic downloads

The full version of Visual Illustrations computerized book contains 35 powerful exciting Christian object lessons and 70 bonus lessons, projects, activities, and puzzles. You can download a free sample book of 11 lessons and activities that will allow you to evaluate the value of this book. Use it in children's worship, Sunday school, youth groups, Vacation Bible School, camp, as sermon starters or illustrations, or devotional talks.

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Visual DialogScript Free visual basic downloads

Visual DialogScript is a programming language and development environment that has been designed to enable you to quickly develop either full blown programs or simple batch style scripts for Windows 9x/ME/NT/2K/XP with the same ease as you might have written a batch file or a Basic program for DOS. The DialogScript language is easy to learn and similar to, though much more powerful than, a batch language or macro language. Visual DialogScript also includes visual tools: a Dialog Editor for designing dialog boxes visually, and an Icon Editor for creating graphical icons for your programs. There is also a Dialog Wizard which generates the code automatically from your visually designed dialog.Many useful DialogScript programs can be written in a matter of minutes!

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Elfrah PCSpy basic Free visual basic downloads

What do your children when they are alone with computer? With whom chats your spouse? What's going on to your computer while you are away? Now it's easy to know all about it! Elfrah PCSpy gives the ultimate assistance in monitoring your children, spouse, and your personal computer. It records every keystroke and stays undetectable. Additionally it records time, path and titles of the applications. It's secure, surveillance and easy-to-use.

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Visualizer IB Free visual basic downloads

Visualizer IB is a powerful Award-Winning freeware image browser. View your photos fast and easy using the many easy-to-use built in features. Turn your gallery into a single web page using the built in Thumbnail Generator. All it takes is a single mouse click and Visualizer IB will handle the rest. Turn up the volume and let Visualizer IB play your MP3 files. Add background music to your Slide show. Pick an image folder, add your soundtracks and go! MP3 Player and MP3 Playlist included. Visualizer IB supports 20 image formats. BMP, RLE, DIB - Windows bitmap JPG, JPEG - Standard JPG PCX, PCC, SCR - Paintbrush image TIF, TIFF - Tag Image File Format PNG - Portable Network Graphic TGA, VST, ICB, VDA, WIN - Targa TGA PSD, PDD - Adobe Photoshop Document PSP - Paintshop Pro FAX - Fax images PCD - Kodak Photo-CD

Related Keywords mp3, visual, visualize, z, er

!3D Development Studio for Visual C++ Free visual basic downloads

Create top level games or add 3D content to your application. 3DSTATE 3D Developer Studio is based on one of the fastest 3D engines delivering top quality graphics. Probably the easiest 3D engine to use ! 3DSTATE 3D Developer studio is currently used by more than 70,000 people. The product has received the highest rating in every review including leading brands such as Tucows and CNet.

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Visual Business Cards Free visual basic downloads

Use Visual Business Cards to design and print professional business cards. Use the Super Text, Rich Text, Label Text, and Circle Text tools to create great looking business cards. Insert clip art and pictures. Use rectangles, ovals, rounded rectangles, diamonds, triangles and stars with special effects properties including shadows, brushed surfaces, and gradient filled surfaces. Use hundreds of supplied business card background art images and business card texture files. Use boxes, ovals, and lines with any color, pattern, line thickness and line color. Use any font, any color, and rotate text to any angle. Works with all standard business card stock from Avery and other suppliers. Use true drag and drop WYSIWYG design. Create text in circles or partial circles. Flip and reverse clip art. See instant print preview of your business card design.

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Visual Labels Free visual basic downloads

Visual Labels lets you design and print your own diskette labels, VCR labels, jar and bottle labels, folder labels, return address labels, and labels for just about anything you can think of. Design with the exclusive SuperShape, SuperText, RichText and CircleText design tools. Create beautiful text and multi-purpose shaped objects including rectangles, ovals, rounded rectangles, diamonds, triangles, or star shaped objects, with special effects properties including shadows, textured surfaces, and gradient filled surfaces. Create text in circles or partial circles. Design labels with true drag and drop, WYSIWYG design, with instant print preview. Place text anywhere on the label, using any font, any color, and rotate text to any angle. Design with a wide variety of shapes using any color, pattern, line thickness and line color. Insert BMP, DIB, JPG, JIF, PCX, RLE, TGA, ICO and WMF graphic files. Flip and reverse clip art. Add counters: numbers that increment with each label printed - ideal for serial numbers. Use the predefined database of Avery label templates, or create your own user-defined labels.

Related Keywords label, visual, labels

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