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Academic Tutorials contains free tutorials for several programing language, scripting, multimedia, database, operating system, software testing, network programming, microsoft office, accounting, soft skills and web building.

HTML Tutorials HTML Quizzes
HTML Tutorial HTML Quiz
XHTML Tutorial XHTML Quiz
CSS Tutorial CSS Quiz
TCP/IP Tutorial TCP/IP Quiz
CSS 1.0 CSS 1.0 Quiz
CSS 2.0 CSS 2.0 Quiz
XML Tutorials XML Quizzes
XML Tutorial XML Quiz
XSL Tutorial XSL Quiz
XSLT Tutorial XSLT Quiz
DTD Tutorial DTD Quiz
Schema Tutorial Schema Quiz
XForms Tutorial XForms Quiz
XSL-FO Tutorial XSL-FO Quiz
XML DOM Tutorial XML DOM Quiz
XLink Tutorial XLink Quiz
XQuery Tutorial XQuery Quiz
XPath Tutorial XPath Quiz
XPointer Tutorial XPointer Quiz
RDF Tutorial RDF Quiz
SOAP Tutorial SOAP Quiz
WSDL Tutorial WSDL Quiz
RSS Tutorial RSS Quiz
WAP Tutorial WAP Quiz
Web Services Tutorial Web Services Quiz
Browser Scripting Browser Scripting Quizzes
JavaScript Tutorial JavaScript Quiz
VBScript Tutorial VBScript Quiz
DHTML Tutorial DHTML Quiz
WMLScript Tutorial WMLScript Quiz
E4X Tutorial E4X Quiz
Server Scripting Server Scripting Quizzes
ASP Tutorial ASP Quiz
PERL Tutorial PERL Quiz
SQL Tutorial SQL Quiz
ADO Tutorial ADO Quiz
Python Python Quiz
Apple Script Apple Script Quiz
PL/SQL Tutorial PL/SQL Quiz
SQL Server SQL Server Quiz
.NET (dotnet) .NET (dotnet) Quizzes
Microsoft.Net Microsoft.Net Quiz
ASP.Net ASP.Net Quiz
.Net Mobile .Net Mobile Quiz
C# : C Sharp C# : C Sharp Quiz
VC++ VC++ Quiz
Photoshop Photoshop Quiz
Multimedia Multimedia Quizzes
SVG Tutorial SVG Quiz
Flash Tutorial Flash Quiz
Media Tutorial Media Quiz
SMIL Tutorial SMIL Quiz
Photoshop Tutorial Photoshop Quiz
Gimp Tutorial Gimp Quiz
Matlab Matlab Quiz
Gnuplot Programming Gnuplot Programming Quiz
GIF Animation Tutorial GIF Animation Quiz
Scientific Visualization Tutorial Scientific Visualization Quiz
Graphics Graphics Quiz
Web Building Web Building Quizzes
Web Browsers Web Browsers Quiz
Web Hosting Web Hosting Quiz
W3C Tutorial W3C Quiz
Web Building Web Building Quiz
Web Quality Web Quality Quiz
Web Semantic Web Semantic Quiz
Web Careers Web Careers Quiz
Weblogic Tutorial Weblogic Quiz
Web Site Hosting Web Site Hosting Quiz
Domain Name Domain Name Quiz
Java Tutorials Java Quizzes
Java Tutorial Java Quiz
JSP Tutorial JSP Quiz
Servlets Tutorial Servlets Quiz
Struts Tutorial Struts Quiz
EJB Tutorial EJB Quiz
JMS Tutorial JMS Quiz
JMX Tutorial JMX Quiz
Eclipse Eclipse Quiz
J2ME J2ME Quiz
Programming Langauges Programming Langauges Quizzes
C Tutorial C Quiz
C++ Tutorial C++ Quiz
Visual Basic Tutorial Visual Basic Quiz
Data Structures Using C Data Structures Using C Quiz
Cobol Cobol Quiz
Assembly Language Assembly Language Quiz
Mainframe Mainframe Quiz
Forth Programming Forth Programming Quiz
Lisp Programming Lisp Programming Quiz
Pascal Pascal Quiz
Delphi Delphi Quiz
Fortran Fortran Quiz
OOPs OOPs Quiz
Data Ware Housing Data Ware Housing Quiz
CGI Programming CGI Programming Quiz
Emacs Tutorial Emacs Quiz
Gnome Gnome Quiz
Soft Skills Soft Skills Quizzes
Communication Skills Communication Skills Quiz
Time Management Time Management Quiz
Project Management Project Management Quiz
Team Work Team Work Quiz
Leadership Skills Leadership Skills Quiz
Corporate Communication Corporate Communication Quiz
Negotiation Skills Negotiation Skills Quiz
Database Tutorials Database Quizzes
Oracle Oracle Quiz
Operating System Operating System Quizzes
Symbian Symbian Quiz
Unix Unix Quiz
Internet Internet Quiz
IP-Masquerading IP-Masquerading Quiz
Software Testing Software Testing Quizzes
Testing Testing Quiz
Firewalls Firewalls Quiz
SAP Module SAP Module Quizzes
Business Warehousing Business Warehousing Quiz
SAP Basis SAP Basis Quiz
Material Management Material Management Quiz
Sales & Distribution Sales & Distribution Quiz
Human Resource Human Resource Quiz
Netweaver Netweaver Quiz
Customer Relationship Management Customer Relationship Management Quiz
Production and Planning Production and Planning Quiz
Networking Programming Networking Programming Quizzes
Corba Tutorial Corba Quiz
Networking Tutorial Networking Quiz
Microsoft Office Microsoft Office Quizzes
Microsoft Word Microsoft Word Quiz
Microsoft Outlook Microsoft Outlook Quiz
Microsoft PowerPoint Microsoft PowerPoint Quiz
Microsoft Publisher Microsoft Publisher Quiz
Microsoft Excel Microsoft Excel Quiz
Microsoft FrontPage Microsoft FrontPage Quiz
Microsoft InfoPath Microsoft InfoPath Quiz
Microsoft Access Microsoft Access Quiz
Accounting Accounting Quizzes
Financial Accounting Financial Accounting Quiz
Managerial Accounting Managerial Accounting Quiz
Computer Basics Computer Basics Quizzes
Basics of Computer Basics of Computer Quiz

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