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EDraw Office Viewer Component
Office Component for viewing Office Document! EDraw Office Viewer Component contains a standard ActiveX control that acts as an ActiveX document container for hosting Office documents (including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPo...
License Type : Commercial
CST Gauge ActiveX Control
a multi-purpose, slider or linear gauge interface component ...
License Type : Commercial
CST Selector ActiveX Control
a rotating switch component with multiple selections. ...
License Type : Commercial
CST LED ActiveX Control
a highly customizable instrumentation graphic component for the LED interface. ...
License Type : Commercial
CST Indcicator ActiveX Control
component with a group of graphical bars that indicate multiple streams of data. ...
License Type : Commercial
CST AirGauge ActiveX Control
A customizable instrument activex component to display air and plane gauge. ...
License Type : Commercial
CST Toggle ActiveX Control
The Toggle Switch control is a TRUE/FALSE, YES/NO, or ON/OFF indicator. ...
License Type : Commercial
CST Knob ActiveX Control
a multi-purpose and highly customizable graphic component for knob interface ...
License Type : Commercial
CST Odometer ActiveX Control
a numeric display component similar to an automobile's odometer or tripmeter. ...
License Type : Commercial
CST NumberLed ActiveX Control
A excellent seven/fifteen segments LED used for displaying number. ...
License Type : Commercial
CST Percent ActiveX Control
a instrumentation component which provides a versatile percentage interface. ...
License Type : Commercial
CST Meter ActiveX Control
A multi-purpose, highly customizable angular gauge component ...
License Type : Commercial
Jpegger ActiveX Control
A Visual Basic ActiveX control to integrate JPEG compression into VB Applications ...
License Type : Commercial
Audio Video Station X
Add Numerous Audio And Video Functions Fast And Easy To your Apps ...
License Type : Commercial
vqf x
vqf active x controls ...
License Type : Commercial
AOS - Error Handling Objects
AOS - Error Handling Objects for VB with detailed reporting of unexpected errors ...
License Type : Commercial
Control To Convert Mpeg 1, 2 files to mpeg 1 or 2 or avi files. ...
License Type : Commercial
Rio Devices X Control
Upload song files to your Rio 500, 600, and 800 and Nike PSA. ...
License Type : Commercial
Real Audio Encoder Active X Control
Encode Wave Files To Real Audio 8 Files ...
License Type : Commercial
CD 2 CD Copy X
Add CD 2 CD COpying With This X Control ...
License Type : Commercial
Word Viewer ActiveX Control
Enable you to create word application rapidly. ...
License Type : Commercial
PDF Stamper
Stamp your pdf with image and text Stamp PDF files with images Support JPG, TIFF, transparent GIF and PNG Stamp text on PDF Support customization of Stamp position, font size and color Support TrueType fonts Standalone, doesn't depend on Ado...
License Type : Commercial
Implement a genetic algorithm in your applications. ...
License Type : Commercial
WMV X Control
add the abilty to encode avi to wmv files ...
License Type : Commercial
ColorCombo ActiveX Control
Key Features:1. Ideal tool to select color from 16 colors, system colors or customized color list.2. A built-in professional color dialog.3. Offers powerful items data management capabilities such as add, insert, delete, find, move, get/set info...
License Type : Commercial

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