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Yahoo, which issued the new IM software Thursday, reported that it first learned of the vulnerability via a warning posted to a security message board Tuesday night. The company said it immediately began working to validate the flaw and address the issue. Yahoo recommends updating its IM software on a regular basis to ensure customers are protected against similar flaws.

Yahoo believes that the security risk may be an issue for the few of its users that have changed their IE internet security settings from medium to low.

According to Yahoo, only a small percentage of the company�s IM software users might be vulnerable as a result of the flaw. Yahoo said customers who changed their Explorer security settings from �medium� to �low� could be affected. The company said that even in that case, an attacker would have to lure a user of Yahoo IM to view malicious HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) code. Most often this would entail clicking a link sent through IM that leads back to a Web page hosting the code. Before changing an IE security setting to low, individuals are warned by the browser that the setting is considered �highly unsafe.� Yahoo said it has not yet heard of any successful attacks based on the buffer flaw.

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