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set of utilities for reading PR mail from a FBB BBS set of utilities for reading PR mail from a FBB BBS...
License Type : Not Specified
Ax25 bulletin Board System DPBOX is a multi protocol and multi user BBS. In the delivered version it handles up to 200 simultaneous users. For stored messages there is a limit of 32767*32767 messages over all. Storing 30.000 messages or more is ...
License Type : Not Specified
BBS forwarding Lnxforward (called fbbforward during early testing) is not an end user BBS either. It allows forwarding between an FBB bbs and a linux system. It can then (in conjunction with Hessu's mailgw system) interface to nntp/smtp/pop ...
License Type : Not Specified
Using sendmail to write an import file Mail2BBS is a package that enables sendmail to write an import file. It's easy to configure and has install and uninstall utilities. Its features include the handling of multiple 'To:' lines and...
License Type : Not Specified
xfbb smtp mailgateway Bidirectional gateway between xfbb, inn and several SMTP mta's....
License Type : Not Specified
FBB bulletin board software for packet-radio (X11) packet radio bulletin board system running under X....
License Type : Not Specified
FBB bulletin board software for packet-radio (daemon). packet radio bulletin board system that runs as a daemon....
License Type : Not Specified

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