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Absolute Smart HexTris 1.2
This is interactive screen saver: You may watch intelligent engine playing hextris - a new kind of tetris, or play yourself. The remarkable distinction from other screensavers is: you can take control over the game by pressing arrows or spacebar.&nbs...
License Type : 90-day Trial     Download Size:388 KB
Rock Perspectives. Photo Screensaver 1.0
Enjoy these great rocky landscapes. Five different full size pictures appearing on your screen are going to show you some impressive mountain perspectives. Photo Screen Savers bring you a new dimension in presenting pictures. While your computer...
License Type : Freeware     Download Size:1079 KB
2D Ghost Forest 1.5
The sixth of the Ghost Forest Family (Macintosh) - a beautiful collection of hand-painted, children-safe screen savers. Part of the Ghost Forest site, presenting the book with the same name. ...
License Type : Freeware     Download Size:1500 KB
Desktop Screen Saver 2.0.7
Desktop Screen Saver uses your currently selected desktop picture as the screen saver picture. It will display your desktop picture after your Mac has been idle for awhile. ...
License Type : Shareware     Download Size:1.32 MB
Carnation Desktop Pictures 1
Beautiful Desktop Pictures for your Macintosh screen ...
License Type : Freeware     Download Size:252 KB
Boeing 1.0
The Boeing screen saver is available for free download and rotates through a slideshow of 24 current Boeing aircraft, missiles, rockets, plus an artist's rendering of the future international space station using many different transition effects....
License Type : Freeware     Download Size:2.4 MB
Do Nothing Screensaver 1.0.0
Do Nothing Screensaver is the most minimal screen saver module that is possible to create. All that it does is to black out the screen, and it tries to do this as quickly and by using as few resources as possible. ...
License Type : Freeware     Download Size:16 MB
Auto Launch 1.0.9
AutoLaunch is a screen saver "engine" that launches an application after your Macintosh has been idle for a specified amount of time.  ...
License Type : Shareware     Download Size:212 KB
SmartSaver 1.8
SmartSaver is a free screensaver for your Mac. Using pictures instead of most of the buttons and keeping our windows simple helps this app stay small in size and not use much memory. It also uses SmartType technology on the password entry screen. You...
License Type : Freeware     Download Size:220 KB
Pixel Toy 2.2
PixelToy isn't a game, nor is it a screen saver, nor a paint program -- but it has aspects of all of these. Think of it as a very interactive lava lamp! With PixelToy you can watch an endless variety of beautiful, mesmerizing moving images. Best ...
License Type : Shareware     Download Size:1.20 MB
BlackWatch 1.5.3
BlackWatch is a screen saver application that provides the ability to lock your screen with password protection. It's small, quick, simple, compatible, and free. ...
License Type : Freeware     Download Size:116 KB
Screen Time For Flash 1.3.4
ScreenTime for Flash is a tool that allows you to easily transform your Macromedia Flash projectors into screen savers.  ...
License Type : Demo     Download Size:2.63 MB
The Two Towers Screensaver 1.3.5c
Screensaver of Lord of the Rings (book 2) movie. The Two Towers Screensaver contains a screensaver with shots from the upcoming Christmas 2002 movie release....
License Type : Freeware     Download Size:980 KB
Charms Screensaver 2.1
Custom screensaver. Whether you want to reflect a mood, or show off your latest creation, Charms is the all-season, all-purpose screen saver for you! You can configure Charms to display several different images that pop onto your screen. The bes...
License Type : Shareware     Download Size:962 KB
QT Float Screen Saver 1.5.2
Make a still image float around the screen as a screen saver. QT Float Screen Savers can display a single file or folder of still images (BMP, PCT, TIF, PNG, JPG, GIF and more) and QuickTime QuickTime as a Screen Saver....
License Type : Shareware     Download Size:96 KB
Little Fluffy Cubes 1.4
Blended motion cube screen saver. Simple OpenGL Screen Saver. Fly through blended, motion blurred cubes. User configurable speed and colours....
License Type : Freeware     Download Size:941 KB
ClockScreensaver 0.2b
Adjustable font clock screensaver. A simple digital clock screensaver with adjustable font. Written in Cocoa and includes source....
License Type : Freeware     Download Size:92 KB
Particle 3.0
Screen saver displays particle streams circling in space. Particle is a screen saver that displays streams of particles circling in space. It is compatible with 3D glasses for stereoscopic viewing. Source code is included with the archive....
License Type : Freeware     Download Size:92 KB
TriVectus Clock 1.1b2
OpenGL 3D analog clock screensaver. TriVectus Clock is a photo-realistic, OpenGL-rendered, analog clock screen saver. Users can customize the hand and rim color and choose from several included face styles. Users can also use their own images fo...
License Type : Freeware     Download Size:910 KB
iTunesSaver 2.3
Screensaver displays current iTunes song. iTunesSaver is a basic screensaver that displays the current track playing in iTunes. Currently it displays the track name, title and album. I am open to feature suggestions, just email me or leave a com...
License Type : Freeware     Download Size:91 KB
MacWalker Pro 1.0
3D spinning G4 laptops screensaver. MacWalkerPro is a screensaver that shows 3 three-dimensional laptops PowerBook G4 walking in a three-dimensional space, opening/closing the screen, and playing your own QT movies (mov, avi, mpeg...) on their s...
License Type : Shareware     Download Size:903 KB
2D Ghost Forest Screen Saver 01 2.0
Children-safe ghost screensaver. 2D Ghost Forest Screen Saver 01 is the first of the Ghost Forest Family - a beautiful collection of hand-painted, children-safe screen savers. Part of the Ghost Forest site, presenting the book with the same name...
License Type : Freeware     Download Size:863 KB
Headlines 1.0
Screensaver w/Natino Enquirer style headlines. Headlines is a screen saver which displays randomly generated, fictional National Enquirer style headlines. It features an optional irritating typewriter sound to accompany the appearance of the hea...
License Type : Freeware     Download Size:84 KB
Foam 1.2.1
Bubbling screensaver originally on BeOS. Since there seem to be so many ex-BeOS users moving to MacOS X, the developer decided to start bringing some of BeOS's screensavers along for the ride. "Foam" draws thousands of circles, each just tou...
License Type : Freeware     Download Size:81 KB
WebCollageX 0.9
Screen Saver that uses randomly chosen words. A first release of a Mac OS X version of Jamie Zawinski's webcollage. Webcollage is a screen saver that uses randomly chosen words to prime search engines. It composites the images it finds into ...
License Type : Freeware     Download Size:80 KB

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